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Cancer is one life threatening disease found all over the world. It is a known cancer fact that there are several types of cancer depending on the location of tumor growth. This occurs when a mutated cell enters the bloodstream and lands on an organ or tissue. In there, the cancer cell undergoes mitosis and multiplies in number forming abnormal tumor growths. Stomach cancer is cancer that occurs within the stomach. As you read further, you will learn more cancer facts about stomach cancer.



Evidence of the evolution of cancer is engraved in the Egyptians slab stones known as papyrus. Although cancer facts state that cancer existed as early as the human race, the developmental study of cancer started with the Egyptians. Continued analysis was made year after year, until today where different treatments are already applied. As for stomach cancer, the different types of cancer were made public when a Scottish surgeon explained the spread of cancer by doing several autopsies. From this point on, cancer is considered as a general term. However, knowing its location, it became more definite when it comes to symptoms diagnosis and treatments.


Stomach cancer as defined earlier is a cancer within the stomach area. There are several cancer facts that are associated with stomach cancer. One of which is that men are greatly affected by stomach cancer. Another is that majority of stomach cancer cases occurs within 50 years old and above patients. Most common risk factors of this type of cancer are; diet, obesity, stomach polyps and family history. Aside from these factors, bacterial infection is another cause of stomach cancer. Helicobacter pylori the causative agent of bacterial ulcer, has an evident risk involving the development of stomach cancer. In recent cancer studies, it is found that the highest cancer incidence rate occurs in individuals living in the areas of Asian or Pacific region. Stomach cancer manifests as sudden weight loss, abdominal pain, heartburn and indigestion, and swollen abdomen. These signs and symptoms indicate that your stomach cancer is already in progress and immediate medical attention should be acquired to determine the final diagnosis and possible treatment.

Tips and comments

Knowing these cancer facts, one may be able to take preventive measures. For example, obese individuals have a high risk of stomach cancer. Consuming fruits and vegetables would lessen your chances of obtaining stomach cancer. Keep in mind that cancer is triggered. In order for a mutated cell to transform into a cancer cell it should undergo four mutations. The specific mechanism on how mutated cells are triggered forming into cancer cells is still a mystery. However, science has provided enough reasons and evidence that these risk factors trigger the formation of cancer cells. Informing yourself with risk factors is the best way to ensure preventive measures. Aside from fruits and vegetables, other preventive measure you can do is by lessening consumption of preserved foods. Remember that preservatives in high doses are considered as carcinogens especially during long exposures. Tobacco consumption is also a known carcinogen not only for stomach cancer but also for lung cancer. Living a healthy lifestyle as early as today, is the best way for you to prevent stomach cancer.

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