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Cancer is one ailment that can afflict anyone at anytime. It is one of those horrible diseases that everyone fears. The many types of cancers and their numerous symptoms and are indeed something one should fear, but that should not stop one from living his or her life to the fullest. With the advances in technology and medical sciences, there are much greater chances of recovery from cancer with regular treatments. The disease is no more a death sentence and many patients suffering from the disease are able to lead a normal life. The key is to handle cancer with a positive attitude and not give up.


Cancer is one disease that has always been a dilemma for researcher in the field of medicine. It affects countless people all over the globe, and thus the need for a cure was emphasized. Although completely eradicating cancer can be difficult, there are ways to control and contain it, and even reduce the magnitude of cancer with various methods.


There are many forms of cancer treatments. The most common forms include treating cancer with either radiation or chemicals, that is, radiotherapy and chemotherapy respectively. These treatments are the most effective in reducing the number of cancerous cells within the body. Radiotherapy aims to target and destroy dangerous cancer cells within the body via small dosage of radiations. This is exactly what is required to reduce cancer. Thus, radiotherapy is the most common form of reducing cancer. Chemotherapy also has similar effects on cancerous cells within the body. But instead of radiations, which are much harder to focus on cancerous cells, chemotherapy includes toxic chemicals that are injected into the body. This may sound dangerous, but the chemicals are highly specific in nature and target cancerous cells. This way, cancerous cells are destroyed, thus reducing the impact of cancer on one’s body. Like all treatments, both these treatments have side-effects, which is one reason why both of them are always portrayed in negative light, despite their role in cancer reduction in patients. Since both are involved in damaging and killing cancerous cells, there is a certain amount of damage to neighboring healthy cells as well, which is why there are many side-effects for both these treatments. However, instead of focusing on the negative, one should keep in mind the benefits and especially on the fact that these are the most effective cures for reducing and even removing cancer.

Tips and comments

There are many other treatments available in the market, but most of them are only in their trial period. It is important to completely follow the doctor’s instructions while handling such a dangerous and lethal disease. Experimental medicine should not be taken at any cost, and if you want to try alternative forms of medicine, remember to always consult an experience doctor or oncologist before going ahead with it. The important thing is that one should not give up and keep trying to defeat cancer with treatments and to always have a positive and healing attitude and not be depressed by this, as this can be reduced, and even cured.

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