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What Are the Signs Of Stomach Cancer


Food is one of the basic necessities of life. If in one manner it is must for the nourishment and health of the body, on the other hand people love to eat to enjoy. But sometimes a little carelessness in eating can make this food a poison for you. Even with the rapt popularity of packages foods and artificial flavors, the food quality is decreasing day by day but the tastes are getting so good that the artificial flavors become intolerable. It is therefore necessary to see and to be careful about what we eat and how we eat. As the carelessness in eating habits leads to severe stomach problems worst of which is the stomach cancer. Along with adopting good eating habits you must work on the ways that save your stomach from getting attacked by the stomach cancer. It is therefore necessary for each and every one of us to know how to protect our stomach and in case we feel some constant problems in our stomach, we must know what the signs and symptoms are in case of a stomach cancer.


Although the stomach cancer is one of the most painful cancers but it is also not very easy to detect with some early signs and symptoms. It is because people often have some problem with their stomach that could be because of inappropriate discharge of gas or because of eating some raw food too. Therefore even doctors do not know on the initial stage if it is a cancer or not and do recommend the medicines to subside the stomach pain. The stomach cancer is also referred to as the gastric cancer as it affects the gastric glands inside your stomach. Here are some basic signs that are easy to detect and recognize for the stomach cancer. The first thing that often happens when the stomach cancer starts picking its roots in the stomach is the blood in stool. The blood in the stool is not always the indication of stomach cancer as it could be because of some discharges of the body but it would be best if you consult a doctor as soon as you find some in your stool.


Another symptom of stomach cancer is the constant abdominal pain. Its intensity may vary with the stages of cancer. Once you start feeling constant pain in the upper abdominal part, you must be cautious as in the early stages this pain is not very intolerable but as the disease starts spreading it gets worse and it is necessary to consult the doctor as soon as you feel its consistency. Maybe this pain is because of some other problem as the abdomen is an association of a number of systems of the body, still getting examined in time is better.

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The other symptoms of stomach cancer do include the excessive feeling of nausea all the time. This feeling in turn makes you lose your appetite as you always feel irritated by nausea and the first thing it affects is your appetite. Indigestion and excessive weight loss are also one of the major symptoms of the stomach cancer.

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