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How To Diagnose Stomach Cancer


Cancer stomach is a medical condition that involves tumors in the stomach. Undiagnosed and untreated cases can lead to the dissemination of cancer cells to the other areas of the stomach as well as to the other internal organs. According to recent surveys, there are nearly 30,000 Americans that are diagnosed with such form of cancer every year. There are 15,000 of these cases that have led to death as well. This form of cancer affects individuals that are 50 to 70 years or age.

Cancer stomach is the fourth most common form of cancer in the world. It is prevalent in countries and nations such as Korea, Iceland, South America, Japan and Great Britain. This form of cancer does not choose its victims, and it can happen to individuals from various races and ethnicity.

Step 1

Identify the Causes of Stomach Cancer

The exact causes of cancer stomach are still unknown. However, there are several factors that increase the risks of attaining such form of cancer. According to research studies, diets that are high in nitrites and salt will increase the risks of developing such form of cancer. Individuals that are over indulging in foods such as pickled vegetables, smoked foods and salted fish or meats have higher risks of attaining such medical condition. It is highly recommended to indulge in foods that are abundant in vitamins A and C, such as vegetable and fruits, to lower the risks of obtaining such cancer.

An infection with the bacteria called H. pylori or Helicobacter pylori can be a major cause of such form of cancer stomach. An individual with long-term infection of such bacteria will experience the pre-cancer and inflammation changes to the inner layer of the stomach.

Recent studies have also confirmed that smoking tobacco and cigarettes can lead to such form of cancer. Inhaling nicotine in the body can weaken the esophageal valve that is responsible for keeping the produced acids in the stomach from flowing back to the esophagus. Nicotine is also known to relegate bile salts from the small intestine to the stomach. These events can lead to damage in the stomach lining.

Step 2

Know the Symptoms

There are a few symptoms in the earlier stages of cancer stomach. These include:
• Heartburn
• Appetite loss
• Mild nausea
• A bloated impression after eating
• Discomfort in the stomach and indigestion

Step 3

Don't Confuse It with Other Forms of Illness

Some of these symptoms are similar to the signs of peptic ulcers. An individual experiencing these symptoms must consult physicians and health experts for the appropriate diagnosis and recommendations. This form of cancer can expand and cause other complications and symptoms.

Step 4

Be Aware of the Severe Cases

Severe cases of cancer stomach involve symptoms such as:
• Blood during vomiting
• Unexplained weight loss
• Blood in stool
• Irritation and pain in the middle and upper parts of the abdomen
• Fatigue with mild anemia
• Bloating and discomfort in the stomach after eating
• Jaundice
• Ascites

Step 5

Seek Medical Help for Treatments

There are several ways to treat cancer stomach and it involves surgery followed by radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Currently, the most efficient way to treat such form of cancer is through surgical operations. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are utilized to alleviate the pain and symptoms ministered by cancer stomach.

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