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What Are the Symptoms Of Breast Cancer


Breast cancer symptoms can lead to severe complications and life-threatening conditions. They should not be taken frivolously, and they must be provided with the recommended treatments and medications. Breast cancer in its later stages can be very challenging and complicated. The treatments during such stages are very limited and ineffective. However, patients with such cancer can have higher chances of surviving if the symptoms are treated in earlier stages.


Breast cancer symptoms are very common in women. This form of cancer is a result of uncontrolled growth of cancerous cells in the tissues of the breasts. According to surveys and studies, this form of cancer affects one in every eight women in the United States. Breast cancer is also the most common death caused by cancer for women around the world. More and more individuals are now aware of the effects that can be produced by such precarious disease.


Early Signs of Breast Cancer

Early detection of such form of cancer will increase the survival rate of the patient. Early signs and symptoms of breast cancer must be given the right attention. You should consult a doctor whenever these breast cancer symptoms would transpire:
• A non-tender breast lump
• Softness around the nipples
• A sudden change in shape or size of the breasts
• Bloody discharges of fluids in the nipples
• A swollen, red and scaly skin in areas such as nipple, breasts and areola.
• A lump above the collarbone area.
• A nipple turned inward
• Pain in certain spot
• Puckering or dimpling in the breast’s skin
• A lump near the breast and underarm areas.
• Swelling in the breasts


Breast Cancer Symptoms in Severe Cases

• Severe pain in several body parts is one of the common symptoms of stage 4 breast cancer. A patient will feel extreme pain due to dissemination of cancerous cells throughout the body. It can cause pain in bones, joints, liver, chest and other parts of the body.
• Severe cases and late stages of breast cancer symptoms can involve psychological disturbances to the patient. An affected patient will experience anxiety, restlessness and depression during these late stages.
• Swollen body organs such as the feet, legs and abdomen are serious signs of severe breast cancers. The exact reason for such symptom is still unknown. The swelling in the abdomen area can be caused by inflammation, presence of a lump or infection. Patients during such stages will also experience difficulties in walking.
• Signs of the severity of such cancer involve defecation, involuntary urination and constipation. The patient during these situations will lose control over urinary and bowel excretion.
• Severe stages of breast cancer symptoms will also involve amnesia, poor vision, inability to make decisions, confusion, and headaches.

Tips and comments

Around 96 to 99 percent of severe breast cancer cases are incurable as for the moment. Researchers and medical experts are still searching for the best cure and treatments for the severe cases of such form of cancer. Early signs of breast cancer must not be taken without due consideration to minimize complications and dissemination of the cancerous cells in the body. Consult your doctor if you would notice the early breast cancer symptoms.

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