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The First Symptoms Of Breast Cancer


When breast cancer first starts, there are usually very few symptoms. One of the ways that it is first detected can be by a woman doing a monthly breast exam on herself. A week after your menstrual cycle, a female should take her hand and feel her breast for any changes or lumps. If she feels one, it is recommended that she then see her doctor to have further testing done. Sometimes you will also get swelling in the armpit that does not go away. Cancer breast symptoms are not common and can make it hard to find until you go for a mammogram. Some of the other cancer breast symptoms can include a change in the appearance of the nipple. If the nipple looks different from the other one than it could be a sign of cancer.


Cancer breast symptoms can happen at anytime. Another symptom could be a pitted look on the breast. Because breast cancer is so hard to detect a yearly mammogram is very important and so is a family history. If your grandmother or mom, aunts or sisters have been diagnosed with cancer, there is a chance that at some point in your life you will be affected to. Women will have different cancer breast symptoms than other woman. If you suspect that you have changes in your breast then you should schedule an appointment with your doctor. There are other conditions that you could have that can mimic breast cancer.


Because cancer breast symptoms do not show up often, it is very important for a woman to examine her breast after her menstrual cycle. The part that they need to be the most careful with is the upper part of the breast. This is often one place that cancer breast symptoms are first discovered. The faster that the cancer is found the quicker you can get on a schedule for treatment. Sometimes, because there are no cancer breast symptoms, it is found in the later stages. Great strides have been made over the years with the testing. It use to be that you could not have your first mammogram until you were in your late forties. This has been changed and if there is a family history some doctors recommend that you get tested earlier.

Tips and comments

The most important thing to do, for yourself is self examinations. This is how most cancer of the breast is found. Because there are really no cut and true cancer breast symptoms doing a self exam might save your life. If you do find a lump that does not go away within a week you should schedule a visit with your doctor and let him know. He can then schedule you for a mammogram. If you do have breast cancer, the faster it is caught the better your prognosis will be. Do not be afraid, but be very proactive when it comes to your health. Getting the treatment started is very important and then you will know what you are dealing with.

By Sally Vigil, published at 02/16/2012
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