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How To Donate To the Cancer Foundation


Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States, while on a global scale, it accounts for 13% of all deaths (WHO Report). Organizations and foundation cancer are set up all over the world dedicated to early prevention, treatment, education, and research. They are also venues where victims and families can get support. Donating to foundation cancer is a way of giving back to the community and keeping the cause alive.

Step 1

Volunteer time

Monetary contributions are not the only ways to make a difference to the cause of foundation cancer. Volunteering to work for free to foundation cancer is another way of making a donation. You won’t be compensated for your time, but you can make a difference assisting in cancer campaigns and events or simply distributing leaflets for other charities run by foundation cancer. Check if the company you work for is participating in a matching gift offer to any foundation cancer. For every hour that you volunteer, the company will match this with a money equivalent with some even doubling or tripling the amount.

Step 2

Participate in events

Cancer events are ways for foundation cancer to raise money for the cause. The American Cancer Society organizes the Relay for Life, a charity run where you donate an amount of money for participating in a walk. It has a global reach with millions participating from other chapter or affiliated societies worldwide.

Step 3

Give money for cancer causes

A foundation cancer conducts many activities from doing and funding cancer research to providing support and assistance to victims and their families. You can donate whatever amount of money you want to give. However, there are types of foundation cancer that impose minimum amounts that they accept in order to lessen administrative burdens. For example, the American Cancer Society accepts donations of at least $50 and above while Cancer Research UK from £10 upwards.

Giving money is easy either by making out a cheque to the foundation cancer, going to their website and make an online donation, or set up a monthly or yearly debit charge on you bank accounts.

Online donations are easy to do by filling out your details, stating whether it is a one time or a recurring donation, and including if you want to remember or honor someone. Major credit cards are accepted.

When you want to give money to the National Cancer Institute, a letter of donation should be attached when you mail your cheques. You will receive an acknowledgment of the donation in writing. Remembering a person is also possible by giving money to the foundation cancer. Include the name and address of the person being honoured or surviving family members.

Step 4

Include foundation cancer in your will or bequest

You can also be part of the cause by including foundation cancer as a beneficiary in your will. Those who have no heirs often mention charitable organizations and associations in their wills by drawing up a legal document.

Step 5

Other ways to donate

Other possibilities to donate to foundation cancer are through giving your frequent flyer miles that will be used to provide free tickets to families of the cancer victim and donating proceeds of auctions. Equally, hotel points can also be given to help cancer victims and their families get a free hotel stay in conjunction with traveling for treatment purposes.

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