History Of the American Cancer Foundation
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History Of the American Cancer Foundation

Published at 02/19/2012 06:18:11


History Of the American Cancer Foundation

It is absolutely true that whatever maybe the consequences, there should be no compromise on health. But sometimes, people get so much busy in their daily lives that they start taking their health for granted. Busy schedules, unhealthy diet and too much stress can sometimes cost a lot. Because of such carelessness, people often become victims to such fatal diseases as heart diseases, AIDS, cancer and others. A cancer foundation or society anywhere in the world aims to prevent and fight this malicious disease of cancer. Unfortunately, nowadays, cancer has become very common in the United States and about half of all the men and more or less one third of all the women in the United States of America are suffering from this disease. Because of the very reason, American Cancer Foundation was formed.


History Of the American Cancer Foundation

The aim of American Cancer Foundation is to save lives of millions of people in the United States and combat cancer by taking all necessary steps like building awareness, helping the victims to stay healthy, and find cures of the disease through thorough research and study. The foundation was formed in 1913 by few learned and experienced doctors and business people when the disease was meant a one way ticket to death. When the foundation was formed, the first thing it aimed to do was to raise public awareness and let people know what cancer is and what its main causes are. Awareness was generated through newspaper, magazines, journals, etc. Later on as the time passed, the foundation made progress, and not only it became famous but played a huge role in fighting the disease.


History Of the American Cancer Foundation

The logo of American Cancer Foundation is a sword of hope, which symbolizes and expresses the battle being fought against the disease and the cancer movement aiming to control it. To symbolize the work, both medicinal and scientific, the logo makes use of twin serpent caduceus . In 1936 Woman’s Field Army was formed whose main aim was to recruit volunteers for the purpose of engaging in the fight against cancer. The volunteers not only spread awareness but also raised money through different campaigns and movements. Because of this movement, a large number of people became active in the pursuit of preventing cancer. This is when the society was considered a true voluntary non-profit health organization.

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During the period of 1940s, a large amount of money was raised, and volunteer work was at its peak and extensive research was underway. The money raised was mostly used to fund the research whose objective was to find the symptoms and cures of the disease. The main cause of cancer that is smoking was identified, a relationship was developed and many other breakthroughs in the research area were achieved. Drugs were developed that helped to prevent cancer and fight it. At that time American Cancer Foundation started Famous campaigns to combat cancer and awareness was spread about the warning signs and early and later symptoms of the disease. Since then the foundation has been a success and has invested a huge amount of money in research including the funding of studies conducted by Nobel Prize winners. This enormous effort made by the foundation has enabled millions of people to survive cancer, which was once considered the most lethal and dangerous disease.


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