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How To Beat Bone Cancer

Published at 02/20/2012 16:52:37


Cancer is one of the most horrible diseases which have been covering the whole planet for the last hundred years. In the earlier times, there was not much advancement in the field of medicine and usually the people dying with cancer were said to have died due to a mysterious disease. However, today we know the form and cure of cancer as this disease can produce in any part of the human body, even the hardest part of body, i.e. the bones. The bone cancer is not as common as other organ cancers; still it is as horrible as any one of them. Hence, proper care must be taken in order to beat the bone cancer in time before it contaminates other parts of the body. Although the cure for this type of cancer is not as far fetched as other cancers, still the prevention is possible. Recent researches and surveys revealed that the bone cancer is about 1% of the all the categories of cancer, still the work is under process to enhance the treatment of the bone cancer.

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There are two categories for the bone cancer. The first one is called the primary bone cancer where the cancer site is actually the bone itself and it is the bone that suffers all the destruction from this cancer. The other category for cancer is the one where the bone gets affected by the cancerous site in the neighborhood. This contaminated site thus infects the bone too with the disease. This is called the secondary cancer. Other than these major classifications, there are some other types of bone cancer observed as well, which mainly include malignant fibrous histiocytoma, osteosarcoma, Chondro sarcoma, Ewing’s sarcoma, fibrosarcoma, and Chordoma.

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No matter what the type of bone cancer is, it must be the first priority to avoid the disease rather than the cure. It is therefore necessary for you to know how to prevent bone cancer. If you observe any of these symptoms in the body, you must rush to the doctor, i.e. the growth of lumps on body parts, not deliberate weight loss, fever, night sweats and chills. A few unhealthy habits are responsible for the growth of cancer in the lungs, throat and other parts of the body that are directly linked to the bones, and there is a big chance of these cancers to infect the bones as well. Therefore, one must prevent the excessive use of tobacco and alcohol. 

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Excessive exposure of the body to radiation causes bone cancer. These radiations might be due to some therapy or because of work in such an area where there is a lot of radiation in the surrounding.

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A person having some other cancer in the body has previously been much more likely to get attacked by the bone cancer as the body starts losing its affinity to fight diseases and thus the weakness in the immune system welcomes the bone cancer.

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Having a proper diet  and exercise are essential in preventing bone cancer.


It is always easier to prevent the disease as compared to curing, and for this reason, it is always advised to get regular medical checkups. If that is not possible, then you might get the basic information from the internet or books and get the necessary information about the prevention of the disease.

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