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5 Anti Aging Creams Myths Busted


So you have discovered a few wrinkles starting to show and figure it is time to grab some anti aging creams to take care of the problem. According to advertisements, a few dollops of cream should have you looking miraculously younger instantly. Unfortunately, although anti aging creams are recommended and should be used, they are not the miracle cure many are led to believe. To clear up the confusion, here are some myths surrounding anti aging creams that you need to know now.

The Myths

Myth #1

Only expensive anti aging creams are the most effective.
The fact is, any anti aging cream with the right ingredients is going to work no matter what it cost. Before looking at brand names, look at what ingredients the anti aging creams consist of first. While it is true that higher priced creams can be more effective, some more affordable creams work just as well, and in some cases better depending on the company.

Myth #2

Anti aging creams are a miracle cure no matter how many wrinkles you have.
There is no miracle cure to totally eliminate wrinkles. Whether you use anti aging creams or not, your skin is going to age and some wrinkles are going to form and signs of aging will show. You can do things to help make your anti aging creams work better, and the number one way to do that is by keeping your skin hydrated constantly. The more hydrated your skin is, the less visible wrinkles will appear.

Myth #3

Anti aging creams work instantly to remover wrinkles and sagging
While there are some creams that do show results immediately, not all will show fast results. When using anti aging creams, you have to be patient. Your wrinkles didn’t show up overnight, so your skin needs time to heal. The majority of good creams take days or weeks to show a true difference. The key is continuing the use of the creams even after you start to see results.

Myth #4

One anti aging cream is enough to do the job
Although good anti aging creams will show results, using more than one is the most effective way to get rid of wrinkles. Your skin’s needs vary throughout the day and beauty experts recommend using at least three different anti aging creams. For the best results, consider using a daytime cream, nighttime cream, and an anti aging eye cream.

Myth #5

I’m too young to wear anti aging creams
It is easy to believe when you are in your twenties that wrinkles will never happen to you. But skin does not care about your age. A wrinkle is going to appear if the conditions are right no matter how old you are. Usually in your twenties, fine lines start to appear, that is the time when anti aging creams should be considered because those fine lines will eventually become wrinkles if left alone.
You can never start too early protecting your skin, and age is not the only factor when it comes to wrinkles, your skin type and environment also play roles in when wrinkles form.


By Lucy Beam, published at 02/16/2012
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5 Anti Aging Creams Myths Busted. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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