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What To Know About Choosing Aging Anti Cream


It may be impossible to stop the aging process, but there is no reason to look your age with all the anti aging cream available to you today. Signs of aging can be a bit hard to take, especially when it seems to happen overnight or out of the blue. But before you head off to the drug store and grab the first anti aging cream you see, you need to take a moment to consider what you expect from the product. Not all creams are made the same, just like not all skin issues are the same. Knowing what you need help with will allow you to choose the right anti aging cream for your skin issues.

How to choose wisely

Know your skin type:

The first thing you have to evaluate is your skin type. Sensitive skin can react one way to anti aging cream while oily skin reacts another way. Evaluate your skin before heading out the door. Determine whether your skin is oily or dry and think about how your skin reacts to products you already use on a daily basis to determine how sensitive it is.

Know your issues:

The next step is determining what skin issues you really have. Are your wrinkles from age, facial expression habits, sun damage, or dry skin? Knowing the root cause of the wrinkles and other skin issues you have will help you choose an anti aging cream that is suitable for your problems and get you the best results.

Know the type of cream you need:

Anti aging cream can target a variety of skin issues, not only wrinkles. Plus, some are created for other parts of the body, not just the face. Such as an eye cream, anti aging eye cream is not going to help the sagging on the neck. Do a bit of research online or read the labels on a variety of different products to determine what they are most effective at accomplishing.

Know the different ingredients

Ingredients are the key to making any anti aging cream work. It is important to educate yourself on the different ingredients and what they are used for.

  • AHA - Alpha hydroxyl acids help get rid of dead skin cells and work on fine lines, age spots, and blemishes.
  • Retinoids – Look for Retin-A and Avage to take care of deep wrinkles. Retinoids have been shown to be most effective against wrinkles when used over an extended period.
  • Collagen – Collagen targets saggy skin and is found in an anti aging cream that is designed to firm the skin.
  • Moisturizers – Moisturizer is a key element in treating signs of aging. When the skin is hydrated, wrinkles are not so easily seen. A good anti aging cream must have a moisturizer added, look for jojoba oil or shea butter in the ingredients.

Know your budget

Beauty comes at a price, and your anti aging cream may be no different. There are some brands that are very expensive and some more affordable. Determine what you can spend and then look for the best in that price range.

By Lucy Beam, published at 02/16/2012
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