Complete Guidance For Sign In Online Banking
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Complete Guidance For Sign In Online Banking

Published at 01/05/2012 18:55:49


Complete Guidance For Sign In Online Banking

With the advancement in technology and the fast pace of the world, today’s individual is getting more and more busy in work. Hence, all new innovations are aimed at saving time and increasing comfort. In the same way, online banking is getting very popular. Sign in online banking is a system which allows individuals to perform financial activities via internet on a good, secure and guaranteed website while they are at home or anywhere else in the world. These banking services are provided and operated by an individual’s virtual bank account.


Complete Guidance For Sign In Online Banking

The idea behind online banking was distance banking which was was the first attempt at creating a world where you did not have to go the banks for every single financial need. In the late 1980s, the term online banking started to gain popularity. At that time, the equipments used to access the banking information were a terminal, keyboard, monitor and a phone line which were all connected to view banking information online. This first came into being when a bank in New York in the US introduced online banking via “videotex” which refers to a computer based system that delivers texts, graphics, etc. through telephone lines. So in New York, when this system of “videotex” failed, the system of sign in online banking started gaining popularity. It was in 1994 that an institution known as Stanford Federal Credit Union introduced the system of online banking to all of its members. It was the first institution at that time and then the service started to get popular to eventually be commonly used.


Complete Guidance For Sign In Online Banking

The tangible banks that have buildings are more commonly referred to as traditional banks. These traditional banks allow an individual to perform their transactional activities through services like online loans or through credit card applications. Hence, today there are many banks that exist only online and have no physical presence of any sort. There are different features of online banking that fall into different categories. There is the transactional category which refers to financial activities, like, account to account money transfer, transfer of loans, transfer of funds, payments of bills and investments, etc. Then, there is another category, non transactional, that includes viewing paid cheques, recent transactions and other activities like co-browsing, chatting, etc. In today’s world the many internet-only banks cannot maintain the required status or quality. They can only differentiate themselves from the other banks which exist both on the internet and physically by offering better interest rates. All you have to do is apply for an online account and the bank will provide you with a username and password through which you can do your sign in online banking.

Tips and comments

There are many protective measures that are in use to secure the system of online banking from scamming and viruses. In the beginning, when the system was introduced, there were many frauds and a lot of people faced losses. But with the increase in awareness and more common use of the service, the fraudulent activities have reduced. But still people should be more careful about this. Banks should use virus scanners in order to protect the system of sign in online banking and should be more concerned and more careful with the downloaded software and the e-mail attachments.


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