Advantages Of Banking Jobs In USA
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Advantages Of Banking Jobs In USA

Published at 01/07/2012 13:20:24


 Advantages Of Banking Jobs In USA


Working in a bank is exciting yet stressful, although the concept is quite simple. You have to take in deposits, make certain transactions and use the saved money of public in bank affairs. Furthermore, you also have to collect checks or drafts, and issue loans along with the quarterly or yearly interest. All these activities are done by a banker who acts as an agent for customers by lending them money and depositing their cash. In short, it takes your money, lends it to someone else and during this process makes money. Banking is complex in practice. Thus, information about banking jobs in any country can be pretty confusing as it has several categories: investment banks, central banks, credit unions, online banks, retail banks, commercial banks, saving and loans and others. It depends upon you what bank you need for your money transactions. Each bank has its own specialization but deals with a common subject i.e. money.



 Advantages Of Banking Jobs In USA


Banco di San Giorgio (Bank of St. George) was the first modern bank that was founded in Genoa, Italy in 1406. The first bank of USA was created to manage the financial needs and to fulfill the needs of the newly formed American government. It was created on February 25, 1791 as a central bank chartered by the United States Congress. The bank’s charter expiry date was set for 20 years after its founding and it expired in 1811 under President James Madison.



 Advantages Of Banking Jobs In USA


It’s a trend that after completion of education, the youngsters want to go to USA in search of jobs.  Banking jobs in USA are one of the most demanded jobs as the number of clients the banks in America have is 59 million and their assets are $1.7 trillion. What is astonishing is that in USA, once you are done with your high school, you can get a job at a bank. And you don’t even have to work as a full time employee. You can also work there for a part time job. But the employer must work 20 hours a week. The candidates who work part time are known as bank tellers or sometimes as cashiers. They perform almost the same tasks as a banker does. They disburse payroll checks, collect credit payments, perform the duties of exchanging foreign currency and give out traveler’s checks. They work in banks in big cities as well as banks of towns, small cities and suburbs. They also offer tuition imbursement, flexible time off, paid holidays and a pension plan. Annual bonus is offered as well if you meet the income guidelines. You also get 10 days off as a leave and also discounts on your monthly cell phone bill. This facility for high school students working in banks is offered only in USA. A banker working a full time job gets all the benefits which an ideal job can offer. Bankers are provided with a complete health program. He is also provided with insurance. Home loans are given through Associate Banking.  Educational partnership, special leaves and home insurance are also offered. A banker’s future is saved as he is provided with a retirement plan as well.


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We look for jobs that have a good salary program and that can make our resume look attractive. But if you are looking for a permanent job, banking jobs in USA are the safest option as the advantages they provide are very attractive.



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