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How To Get Banking Jobs In 30 Days

Published at 07/15/2011 18:30:16

Many people would like to work in a bank because banking jobs are very lucrative and are very safe also they provide optimum job satisfaction. Banking jobs are not easy to get. There are many private and government banks all over the globe. Every bank has its own recruitment policy in place.

Banks have very tough selection procedures even those who have requisite qualification find it very difficult to clear the competitive exams of various banks. These competitive exams are mainly for entry level jobs in private sector banks while in government banks exams are conducted at all levels.

These days one can see that banking institutions have become very smart. They tend to outsource their jobs through recruitment consultants such jobs are temporary postings depending on availability.

To get banking jobs in 30 days you can try the following job hunting techniques –

Ø Join professional institutes

The best way to get banking jobs in short time is by joining a professional training institute for banking because such institutes have tie-ups with most banks for recruitment. Many short term and long term courses are provided by such banking institutes so if you want a job within 30 days then you can opt for a short duration or fast track course which provides job guarantee.

Ø Visit banks

This is the most effective way to search and get a bank job. Just go to each and every bank in your city and check if they have any vacancy. Submit your CV along with a cover letter. 

Ø Approach HR consultants

Many banking institutions have tie-ups with various human resource consultants for filling various vacancies in their banks. Generally private banks have tie-ups with these consultants for hiring the best talent from the field of banking hence if you want banking jobs in 30 days then make sure you visit all good HR consultants and submit your CV to them. If you are looking for an opportunity abroad then do email your CV to overseas consultants in your country as well as in countries where you are looking for a banking job.

Ø Attack job portals

Many private banks post their jobs on the internet through job portals hence if you want banking jobs in 30 days then immediately post your CV on all job portals and daily search as well as apply for jobs in various banks.

Ø Scroll websites

Directly check the website of each and every bank and start applying daily for jobs of your choice. This is a very good idea because your CV will be directly viewed by the HR’s of the bank and you might immediately get an interview call.

Ø At Campus

Every year many students who are on the verge of passing-out from the college think about getting a bank job. There are many banks who select fresh graduates from the campus itself for various positions therefore always remember to do your graduation from a college or institute where all banking institutions come for campus recruitment.

Tips and comments:

Getting a banking job is never easy but it is not impossible to get one in 30 days. You just have to keep applying for jobs directly by visiting each bank or by applying through job portals. Human resource consultants can be very helpful in your quest to get a banking job.


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