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Published at 01/19/2012 00:15:31


The offers of banks when it comes to banking and corporate management cash solution is diverse, and this is an important aspect, considering the uncertainties of the economic world today. The offers of the banks are personalized for different clients, as the cash needs of a small company are different from the cash needs of a corporation, but the offers must also be personalized for medium enterprises.


The banking and corporate management departments of the banks are formed by teams that are specialized in promoting and marketing products and instruments with fixed incomes, but also market transactions, sales and research. This way, this department is able to offer to the clients access to major financial markets, both in the developed and emerging markets, with a large gamma of products at the disposal of the clients, from governmental bonds to derived instruments, currency exchange and structured instruments. In other words, this banking and financial solution is great if you want to increase the efficiency of your capital, and to benefit from the money you have saved.

The department of banking and cash management was created to offer a complete gamma of product and financial services, allowing the customers maximum optimization for administrating the available funds. Starting from general objectives of the activity and cash management operations, the offer continuously follows the improvement of cash management, ensuring availability of funds through efficient schemes to collect credits, and trying to increase the capacity of the company to pay the debts at maturity.


The increasing effectiveness of the available cash is obtained through an adequate administration of the accounts, and also by obtaining investment products. There are some advanced instruments available at your disposal.

The banks are now interested to finance the investments of the companies, especially those projects that will bring profits on the long term. This is also the job of the banking and corporate management division of the banks, and if you want to be approved for such an option, you will have to talk with them.

Tips and comments

Financing the investment projects is especially designed for industries such as energy, communication, media, natural resources, and infrastructure. The financing options offered by the bans could finance projects that are already initiated, or to extend some already existing facilities that will be used for independent projects, and the source of financing will be the liquidities generated by those investments on the long term.

Other options are available for companies using this facility, such as financing exports to emerging countries, and other account operations. The financing packages might cover the whole necessary of cash for the upcoming period, and the package could be structured on complex transactions. 

Other interesting option offered is the financing of goods purchasing. This is a gamma of structured financing option including exports financing, barter, and tolling. As the risks generated by cash flow during those activities are high, the bank makes sure that you have the respective sums at your disposal all the time, and you will only need to pay the money back once the production cycle is over and you have received the money from your partners.


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