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Banking And Stress

Published at 07/14/2011 11:15:13

In this article we will see how banking and stress affects both the bankers and their customers. There are many banks throughout the globe and they have billions of customers. Banks are thronged by many people on daily basis. There is always huge rush in all banks on week days. Branch banking is never easy for bankers and their customers.

As the week starts one can see unprecedented rush for money withdrawal plus there are people who come to bank for other transactions and services. With huge rush in banks most banks feel the heat and there is huge pressure on bank employees to deliver things on time. There is always lots of chaos in banks.

All bank employees work under lots of stress because they have to deliver everything on time. Pressure on bank employees is not only from the management but also from the customers who are really very impatient. Looking at the long queues in the banks the customers go berserk and they make life miserable for all the bank employees.

The bank managers also continuously keep adding pressure on their employees to work fast and efficiently. There are jobs in banks which are target oriented hence for employees on such jobs the pressure to achieve the targets is very high because they might lose their job in case they don’t meet the targets, these are generally marketing and sales jobs.

These days almost every bank deals in various financial products hence they have collaboration with top financial institutions for selling their products through the bank. For selling such financial products banks hire sales professionals. In such jobs the sales professionals always have to deal with great stress because these are ‘hire and fire’ jobs where if sales targets are not achieved employees are immediately given pink slip.

Banking and stress not only bothers the bankers it also has adverse effect on the customers too. The customers have to invariably stand in long queues for many hours to get their money or even for depositing or for knowing their current account balance. Even to make a demand-draft a customer has to wait for too long. All such things take too much time of the customer who might have to attend office or might have some other important work.

The customers who use online banking are always in tension because their account is always at risk of being hacked by some hackers. For an online customer even after transferring the funds to some other account they are always not sure whether the money has reached the right person or not.

Those who have bank accounts always have to show their tax credentials while making any transactions. In some countries you have to keep updating your information every year so that the banks have the latest information about the account holder and for this too many paper-work is to be done for verification. Even to open a new bank account one has to run from pillar to post.

Tips and comments:

Banking is never easy for customers but the people who run banks are human too hence the speed is slow due to large number of customers and also there is shortage of staff to handle so many customers. Heavy workload increases stress for bank employees too therefore banking is never easy for the bankers and their customers. Both banking and stress are part of global work culture.


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