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Credits, Loans And Banking

Credits, Loans And Banking
As individuals we need banks for loans, credits different types of payment processing at retail banking level. Similarly, to run properly, a business needs finance and banks help businesses process payments and carry out miscellaneous operations. People, businesses and banking are thus interrelated. Small businesses need to deal with banking and loans. For running a business and also to lead a decent life in today’s world as an individual, you need to know some basics on loans, credits and banking. For instance, ACH Processing is designed to help a business electronically collect payments. This system helps a business save money. The chances of errors are also reduced significantly. ACH Processing also helps you to automate payments. Following up on the bad checks also becomes easier.
Remote Deposit can help you process the payments for your business without undergoing the hassle of sending checks to a bank. You just scan the image of the check you want to send. Then just send it to the bank. That is all the bank needs to add funds to your account faster. Another useful aspect of banking is Collateral Loans. They are loans secured your asset. You’ll have to hand it over to your lender if you’re unable to pay back the loan. Do you know about Bank Reconciliation? It happens if you attempt to compare or match your own records to that of the bank. If you run a business doing bank reconciliation once a month is essential. This can help you verify whether the figures in your account are flawless.

There are different kinds of banks. Investment, retail and commercial banks are more common. But there are other types as well. For instance, online banks are specialized in online banking. Today, banks actually specialize in diverse lines of business. Have you heard of Cashier's Check Fraud? It’s among the most common crimes today in the era of the internet. Cashier’s checks were formerly regarded as safe. But today, they require extra caution from sellers.
You should also know about Letter of Credit, which is actually a promise made to pay. A bank can issue an LC or letter of credit to guarantee a seller that the buyer will pay, if the seller sticks the provisions of the business contract. It is commonly used in worldwide trade as banks play the role of a neutral party mediating between buyers and sellers.

When you want a loan you can go to a bank or a credit union. Both can help you open an account as well. But you should know that ownership is the key distinction between a bank and a credit union. The latter one is actually a nonprofit organization. It’s owned by its customers, actually. They are the 'members' of the union. Though credit unions are technically better, many now work just in the way banks do. The financial products (e.g. checking accounts, loans or savings) offered by a bank and a credit union are pretty similar. However, you might actually get better rates with a credit union, but there’re lots of exceptions as well. In many instances, banks offer much more financial products/services than smaller credit unions.

Tips and comments:

Sometimes, you can get a more personalized service with a small credit union, as it is easier to get familiarized with people. Usually there’re fewer employees, who deal with fewer customers than larger banks do. And these employees with credit unions are generally less formal. However, larger banks normally offer solid 24/7 customer support service lines, which many smaller credit unions don’t. The bank vs. credit union question has no obvious answer. You should choose the one that suits best to your unique situation and needs.

By Mohammad Polash Khan, published at 07/15/2011
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Credits, Loans And Banking. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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