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Banks all over the world have gone online and they are offering online banking option to all its customers. In Europe there are many world class banks and each one of them is fiercely competing against each other. Every bank in Europe provides incredible world class banking services and banking online is one important service through which they try to attract more customers. In Europe there are many entrepreneurs who purchase lots of raw materials from neighboring countries in Europe hence they have to make quick payment for their purchase and in such cases online transactions through banks help’s a lot in building strong business relationships.

In Europe all banks have core banking culture hence one can do transaction from any branch in any European country or through online mode from any place not just in Europe but from anywhere on the planet. Core banking has helped a lot because a bank in one European country gets directly connected with all other European countries this allows swift transaction and financial regulation. Core banking has been possible only due to advanced internet technology which has allowed every bank in Europe to go online.

More and more people in Europe have opted for online banking because no one has time to visit a bank. Everyone makes transactions through online mode. Most business enterprises in Europe accept online payment for any purchase done. Banking through online mode is very easy and fast that’s why almost everyone in Europe is using it but the most important factor is online security which has been given top most priority by banks in Europe hence it becomes very difficult for hackers to crack an online bank account. Investment traders in Europe can easily invest in shares, equities and debentures through online banks. Also one can pay income tax returns through online transactions in some European countries.

European banks have set very high security standards for online banking. The encryption standards followed by European banks are very high and it is next to impossible for hackers to decrypt the information flowing through their network. Only way hackers can indulge in online bank frauds across Europe is by using phishing technique through emails.

All around the globe phishing is frequently used to crack an online bank account. In phishing, hackers keep sending emails to everyone by following trial and error methodology because hackers themselves don’t know who uses which online account. For phishing, hackers make exactly same login page like all banks and they keep sending emails with links to the people and ask them to enter their details for security. This is how hackers crack an online bank account but in Europe such phishing does not work because each and every bank here educate their customers of all activities in which hackers indulge so that their online account remain safe.

Tips and comments:

European banks provide best interest rates to its online customers. They do not charge their customers for online transactions and their service is fast, dependable as well as secure hence everyone should opt for online banking in Europe.

By HANIF QAZI, published at 07/08/2011
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Online Banking in Europe. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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