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Published at 03/01/2012 21:03:52


In this modern world, everyone needs the help and support of the mighty plastic cards whether it’s a credit card or a debit card. Most people depend heavily on business credit cards for their financial deals and transactions. When it comes to the usage of these business credit cards, there are various hidden risks, which can be avoided. Conversely, they can prove to be some fatal mistakes, which can cause big time financial instability for you. So to avoid such drastic scenarios it’s wise and advisable to be a little cautious while dealing with your business credit cards.

Step 1

When it comes to the usage of business credit cards, it’s wise and advisable to keep away from foreign transaction fees. If you are a person who travels quite often, then there are chances of paying extra on foreign transaction fees since they charge you as much as 3 %. So it will be very imperative for finding and getting business credit cards that don't have a foreign transaction fee.

Step 2

Another great and valuable piece of information for people using business credit cards is to pay off the total monthly balance. It’s because the interest rate charged by the credit cards are very high and if at all if there is any delay or financial shortage in paying off your monthly balance, there are chances of it getting carried over and accumulated. This can be a source of unnecessary headache and botheration if not handled and cleared properly.

Step 3

Going paper is comparatively easier and hassle free than going plastic. Paying off in cash is just a onetime process which is like you forget about it once you are done with. Even so, on the other hand, when you are making transactions with business credit cards, it’s like just the beginning of the process. You will only get peace of mind once you pay of your monthly credit-card balance and that too in a full amount. So better replace the plastic in your wallet with some valuable paper.

Step 4

Getting planned with your debit cards will prove to be a good thing to do. One of the best advices for beginners on using their debit cards is that it’s very essential to be careful with your checkbooks.

Step 5

Since its real money there are chances that starters might just not do pretty well with them. So staying organized and focused is mandatory and proper maintenance of the checkbook is also very important.


While using your cards, you have to always be very careful with each and every transaction you make. While swiping your cards at malls or at gas stations, make sure only the right amount of cash is withdrawn and nothing more.

Using business credit cards wisely is very important, or else it can be quite risky and dangerous like playing with fire. At times business credit cards can be like small sparks and if not brought under complete control; these sparks can prove to be like a raging inferno which is capable of setting you ablaze.


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