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How To Get Credit Online

For getting a credit card, applying online is a viable option. Knowing a few things beforehand can help improve your chances of getting approved online. Here are a few basics that you need to keep in mind while applying online for a credit card.

There are several credit card companies that you can choose from. Choose one and go to its website. Some websites are dedicated to helping you compare credit card offerings made by the credit card companies. Try websites like, or There are special offers for those whose credit score fall in a certain range. And no matter what credit score you have, you belong to a special category of customers. So make sure you’ve applied only for the cards that you qualify for. Mind it… if you’re denied, this might actually damage your credit score. Start by entering all the mandatory details – which are mostly about your personal details like first/last name, address, SSN, date of birth and so on. Carefully type-in other financial details. Many credit companies accept online applications almost immediately. You might receive an online approval notice as well. However, after you apply online, some credit card companies may just send you a denial letter by mail. But remember that mail delivery is the common way to get the credit card. To get your card activated, call the issuing company. You can always find the contact number on the credit card’s sticker.

Don’t just rely on the comparison sites. Get as much knowledgeable as you can about the current offers. Take some time out and thoroughly research on the best and most suited plans, rates or terms online. You will find great resources in online personal finance magazines. Use the search options of major online newspapers like New York Times. Remember that the credit card companies always let you to apply on paper application forms. DO NOT apply on photocopied application forms or on the forms that aren’t endorsed by the respective credit card company. Applying on phone also remains an option, as you could call up the company’s toll free number. If you consider this option, look up in the online yellow pages, online magazines or online newspapers to get the toll free numbers of credit card companies.
If you ever thought that applying for numerous cards increases your chances of to get accepted for one, think again! DO NOT apply for just about any card you come across with. Actually, this might reduce your chances of getting credit cards, loans or even mortgages in future. All of your applications are recorded in your credit profile. There is another myth about cash withdrawals. Some people think that paying the back as soon as the statement arrives makes sure that there is no cost on the borrower’s part. WRONG! When you buy something, you get 50+ days before interest is imposed. But interest counts begin as soon as you make cash withdrawal. And the advertised rate isn’t exactly the rate you’re charged. Headline rates apply normally for the top credit cards and average customers. Those with a special situation or circumstance might not qualify for that. Factors like your credit history matter. So do keep that in mind as you apply for a credit card online. If you aren’t an average customer, then potentially you could be offered a card that has a higher interest rate payable.

Tips and comments:

When you compare online credit card offers, consider the following factors –

  • Fixed / variable interest rates of interest
  • APR
  • Credit limits
  • Interest-free days
  • Grace periods
  • Potential penalties
  • Special schemes in regards to cash advances
  • Balance transfers· Special offers
  • Hidden / implied costs
By Mohammad Polash Khan, published at 07/14/2011
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How To Get Credit Online. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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