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Improve your credit score with credit repair



Credit score epitomizes the creditworthiness of an individual. It is derived from credit report facts that are gained usually via credit bureaus. Credit score is used by the lender bank to know the risk that stands in the way of lending money to the consumer, and to lighten the loss caused due to a bad debt. Whereas, credit repair helps one to elevate credit score and get the bottom most interest on loans. There is no such thing as quick fix for the case of creditworthiness. It is time consuming and depends on a proper debt repayment plan. There are a lot of advertisements on television and news papers regarding credit repair or getting rid of negative marks from your credit report forever. However, most of them are just a spam because there is literally no way that negative fact can be removed from your credit report until or unless there is some mistake made from the side of bureaus, so it is considered better to ignore the spamming and work on however slow but effective method of improving credit score with credit repair. 


Many years ago, credit world was not the same as it is today. Now everything may seem easier but the credit bureaus back then used to collect the details in different ways. For example, Equifax used to use the information about an individual which was collected from Welcome Wagon representatives. It was not possible to get your credit reports from bureaus hence there was no chance to improve credit score with credit repair. 


In order to improve credit score with credit repair, several steps ought to be taken. There are three top credit bureaus - Equifax, Experian and Trans Union. An individual who wants to elevate his credit score should get his credit reports from these three credit bureaus to find out what they have to say about him. It is possible that all 3 reports vary from each other. That's expected because the creditors don't really report to all three bureaus and just submit their report to one of the bureau that they have registered to. It is said that every credit report has one fault made by the credit bureau because they do not verify the information that is provided to them by the creditor, so it is necessary to go thoroughly through the credit report. If there is no fault in credit report then nothing can save you but time and good character in future regarding bill payments but if all the bills are paid on time then there stands a chance for these dirty spots on credit report to fade away. If there is some mistake found out in the credit report it is suggested that you mark those mistakes and send the report back to the credit bureau along with the photocopies of documents that make your case strong. If you have proved your case right, then the dirty spot from your credit report with be removed but if your creditor verifies your mistake, then you ought to pay for your mistake. If there is some difficulty in paying, try to speak to your creditor and talk about reducing monthly payments. Lastly, add some stability to your credit files and make sure you have a good credit history to improve your credit score. 

Tips and comments

This article clearly depicts that there is a way to improve credit score with credit repair. A stain in credit history can really give a bad impact to your character so it is better to take all possible steps to make it the stain lighter. It is recommended that you open a savings account. It would show your creditor that you are working on a way to repay your debts and get a good clean slate.

By Sidra Rana, published at 01/04/2012
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Improve your credit score with credit repair. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.