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How To Get Free Annual Credit Report

Published at 12/27/2011 13:00:28


 Consumers have got the right to obtain a free annual credit report using the three credit companies. There are three main ways that you can use to order your free annual credit report. You can order it online, by telephone or by mail. There are however a few important things to watch out for when you order your free credit report. 



Getting your free annual credit report online:

If you have access to the internet then this could be the fastest way of obtaining your credit report. There is a special request form that you are required to complete and you can get this from the website . Make sure you spell the site correctly when you visit the site. There are plenty of sites that are in similar business but only after your personal information. Once you are on this website make sure you fill in all the information required as accurately as possible.

Use telephone or mail

These are the other methods that you can also use to obtain a free annual credit report. Whatever method that you are going to use, make sure your personal information is safe. Once you suspect any fraudulent activity like identity theft you will need to place a fraud alert.



You can get a free annual credit report from any of the major three credit reporting companies and these are Experian, Transunion and Equifax. Whilst it may be convenient to order your free credit report from credit reporting agencies, it is not highly recommended as you will be required to give them some sensitive information. You want to prevent ID thieves from stealing your identity information. It is safe to use the three credit reporting companies because they have an established single system in place which consumers can use.


 What should be in the credit report?

When you receive your free credit report make sure the information contained there is correct. You will need to specifically check on any spelling errors on your name and physical address. Also check whether your credit account statements are correct, it is possible to see debts that you may not be familiar with.These are some of the things you may need to look at.


Tips and comments


Watch out for the following:

  • If you are going to order your credit report online you may need to be careful about certain emails, ads, pop up internet ads and even calls from people who claim to be agents from annualcreditreport. These people are not genuine; they are only after your personal information. They are identity thieves.
  • Due to security risks, it is not advisable to use a public computer when you order your free credit report. You do not who is watching when you enter that sensitive information.
  • Remember you do not to become a member or subscribe to any services for you to get a report free credit .  Getting an annual free credit report is your right and you do not have to spend any money in order to get it.
  • When you type in the website, make sure you do it correctly as you may end up landing on similar websites claiming to offer the same services.


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