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How To Clean Your Credit Report For Free

Published at 07/14/2011 12:42:17

Having a report of your credit card that is credit free is truly beneficial since the credit card is an enormous part of your daily life already. A simple swipe and consider your purchases done.  The downside of it is if and when a negative credit report has appeared that will definitely cause a tremendous impact to your quality of life. Just as, for example, a negative credit report can be a barrier to your future purchases and transactions including but not limited to real estates. In relation to this, it is imperative to know how to clean up your credit reports on your own. There is no need for you to waste money for agencies when you can do the job yourself. Here are simple steps that you can follow to be able to do it effectively.

 First thing you need to do to be credit free is for you to obtain a copy of your credit reports from any of these three credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. When circumstances arise in which you find out discrepancies in your credit reports that you discovered based on your meticulous assessment, report it immediately. A lot of legal writing and contesting will follow. If you believed that there are inaccurate information or data entered that should not have been there, you are advised to write a letter to the bureau that had provided the reports. The letter must contain the detailed account of the disputed items and explanations as to why they are inaccurate. Make sure to enclose in the said letter the proof and the valid documents that serve as evidence to the alleged blunder. Once information has reached the bureau, they will subsequently check with the credit company to request for the proof of their claim. The company is then given thirty days to provide legal information regarding your allegations, and in the event the company cannot produce the information, the items are removed from your reports. However, there are tendencies that these items would reappear on your report if the creditor can prove its claim, regardless of the time frame provided.

 Cleaning up your credit report is never an easy job; it takes a lot of persistence, determination, and good arguments to prove that your claims are correct. Normally you will not yield good results on the first letter being sent. On the event that you have not achieved a satisfyingly good response, you can write several letters to the bureau restating your claims all over again. In the worst-case scenario when the situation becomes worse and these problems are not resolved, the bureau will allow you to include a personally detailed explanation up to one hundred words.


For some people who do not want to be in this interwoven mess, there are companies out there that offer credit reports clean ups. But, of course, it will be an additional expense out from your pocket, which is quite inconvenient. And, usually, it is not really necessary to go with this option for obtaining a credit free report especially when you are persistent and determined enough to do it independently.

Tips and comments:

 It is really imperative to keep a good eye on all you credit reports from all three bureaus. Such consciousness will alert you from frauds and help you catch any inconsistencies as early as possible in order to provide prompt intervention. With a keen eye to spot any discrepancies, along with some patience and effort, you can clean the mess out from credit reports without even spending a penny by observing this do it yourself guide.