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How To Receive A Free Credit Report

The Credit Bureau is a society that has all the banks in the country as shareholders. Its object is to collect and to process the data about the individual clients of the banks. The majority of the banks report to the Credit Bureau all the information about a certain client, whether we are talking about positive or negative aspects. However, while the positive records don’t affect the capacity of the client to obtain a new credit, the negative records are considered by the banks a major inconvenient for this initiative.

 Obtaining the credit report for free directly from the Credit Bureau

If you want your credit report  from the Credit Bureau, you will have to file an inquiry to the Bureau. You will also need a copy of your national ID. If you are enquiring for the first time during a year, you won’t have to pay for the service. However, the second inquiry must be paid, and you will also need to attach the prove of payment in this case.

The documents can be sent by mail to the address of the Bureau, or by email. You will need to scan all the documents before sending them. Make sure to attach all the required papers. The answer should arrive on the same e-mail address after one or two working days. You also have the possibility to bring the papers personally to the box office of the Credit Bureau in your city, but you will need to find out the address of the respective mailbox.

The answer has the form of the Credit Report, and it contains all the needed information about the credits and cards owned by respective person. All the credits and credit cards are stated there, and the report must also have your name on it. 

 Obtaining the credit report from the bank

If you are applying for a credit or a credit card to a bank, you will also have to complete an agreement. This agreement allows the bank to file an enquiry to the Credit Bureau in your name, and this credit report is also available for you. Just sign the agreement, wait for the bank to obtain the credit report and ask them a copy. Remember that you are allowed to see it! Because of some unknown reason, some banks would refuse to give this credit report to you. You will just need to remember them about the Private Data Processing Act, and they should give you the report. 

Tips and comments:

 What should you do with your free credit report


If you want to apply for a credit to different banks, having the credit report could save you some time. Just take a copy of the report from the first bank, and bring it with you to the next bank where you are applying for the credit. This way, the second bank could skip this step, so they could tell you from the first visit if you are qualified for a credit or not. However, this document is only available 15 days from the date of issuing, so you would need a second enquiry if this period passes.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 12/25/2011
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