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Published at 01/05/2012 14:32:21


 In today’s society, it seems as though the old adage, 'the consumer is always right', is sadly something of the distant past. Where once the needs of the customer were of the utmost importance, and being rude to a consumer was virtually unheard of, today consumers find themselves fighting to be heard. Credit consumer protection has become so very important. A lot of people are now aware of the Credit Consumer Protection Act and their rights. This is has been due to technological developments in the media industry.



It is therefore imperative that consumers are aware of their rights, and stand up for themselves when they are treated poorly. This is the only way that things will start to improve. There are many ways that you as a consumer can know your rights. One massive step in the right direction for consumers’ rights has been the recent introduction of the credit consumer protection act. The act essentially does what the name suggests, by giving consumers rights, and thus protecting them. The main purpose of this body is to let customers know their rights and also protect them against unfair treatment.


For far too long, consumers could do very little to help themselves, especially with regards to credit  protection. In fact, they had nothing and no one to offer any worthwhile assistance. Many countries around the world now have this body specifically meant to protect customers and the public in general. The consumer body is mostly governed by a set of rules and a constitution; if a consumer feels they are unfairly untreated in any way they are free to report it to the consumer council.



A good credit rating is very important for everybody, especially when it comes to things like buying cars, property and homes. Regardless of where in the world you are, without it, the purchasing of such things may prove to be very, very difficult. The laws, such as the credit consumer protection act, are obviously designed to protect the consumers’ rights and deal with a vast number of things. These issues include, but are not limited, to things such as safety, pricing, standards and personal loans - all of which we, as the consumers of products and services need to be aware of.


As consumers it is worth our while to find out as much as possible about such things, as it can only be in our favour to do so. Instead of being taken for granted and treated poorly, these laws ensure credit protection for all.  Credit protection covers not only products, such as food and clothing, but also services, such as those in hotels, restaurants and shops.

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Credit consumer protection is meant for every citizen of any country. Even if you may have bad credit you still have your rights as a consumer. If you are discriminated in any way, you are free to report to the consumer council. Some cases can even be taken to court for settlement. Make sure you know your rights as a consumer.