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How to remortgage bad credit

Published at 01/18/2012 22:48:52


Since the last few years, economies of the world have been facing recession and financial crunch is growing at an increasing rate. Because of tough economic conditions, unemployment rate is also going up leading towards lower standard of living and more cases of default on issued credit facilities. Many people, who had taken loan, credit or mortgage facilities, are not being able to repay them now. Inability to meet past credit obligations, bankruptcy, delays in payment etc are some of the reasons that label the credit history of the person as a bad credit history. Having such credit history and remortgage bad credit problems, it is difficult to remortgage usually, but it cannot be terms as impossible to remortgage bad credit.


Majority of the people having bad credit, hesitate to apply for getting remortgaged because they are scared of denial and higher interest rates and bad credit background. In such scenario, remortgage is plausible option to resolve this problem. It allows diverting the existing mortgage to another mortgager or even the same money lender if he/she provides much improved and contented stipulations regarding rate of interest and better installment payment opportunities etc.

Since there is more risk involved for the lender in case of investing in bad credit re mortgage, the interest factor is usually set higher in comparison to ordinary re mortgage. Therefore, monthly payments are higher too. All these conditions are already established and admitted in the remortgage contract. However, for applying for any of the remortgage whether bad credit mortgage or a good credit mortgage, certain norms and procedures must be fulfilled. Some of the important things that must be considered include the following.


First, the income criterion must be verified. Income must be higher than monthly repayments by certain specified percentage. Secondly, the proof of legal and authentic source of income is also required. Fully audited credit reports are also needed to be verified by the lenders. After this procedure and scrutiny, a contract for re-mortgage is made.

Interest rate settlement is one the most important stage during formation of contract. This is usually depends upon the lender or can be mutually decided both by lender and borrower. Prevailing financial market conditions also influence this decision. Since remortgage bad credit means higher risk if default, higher interest rate is charged by the lender to cover this risk.

Tips and comments

There are various way to find ways for re mortgage. One option is to consult your current financial mortgage company and take their advices. Searching online for remortgage bad credit is much better option. Several online sites have been providing the platform for the lenders for investments and borrowers for applying for both good and bad credit re mortgage. This allows both the mortgagers and mortgagee to choose the most suitable rate for them. Another option besides it, is to hire and utilize the services of various private mortgage broker. These brokers can be found online as well.

Hence, although the procedure and conditions for the remortgage bad credit is little bit more formal than ordinary mortgage, but in the end, it is quite possible to mortgage a bad credit.