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Information About Avoiding a Credit Fee

Published at 03/29/2012 01:32:57


Most things are not free anymore. Almost all things come with some sort of fee. Credit cards especially have different fees for different things. It is fairly simple to cut out credit fee. Just follow a few simple easy tips to keep your credit history good and your payments on time. That way there will be no credit fee for you to worry about.


The best way to avoid credit fee is to not pay your credit card bill late at any time. There are a few ways to help prevent from doing this. Remember when the payment is due monthly. The first way to do this is to write the due date on a wall calendar. A great idea is to download a free computer calendar day minder program to your computer as well. Keep track of all of your weekly bills this way. Today many people use their mobile phones to take care of all of their important appointments. Use your phone calendar and put in the due date of your credit card. Put the reminder in for 5 days before its due and set it up so that an alarm will sound to alarm you.


A great way to avoid credit fee is to sign up for an online account with the credit card company at their website. Then pay the bill every month online either the day before the payment is due or on the exact due date of the payment. Even though the bill comes in the mail at a certain time every month and the due date is usually a couple of weeks after that it is also helpful to simply pay the bill immediately when it arrives if you can. This way the bill is never late and it is out of the way and is one less thing that you have to worry about. Its another great way to avoid credit fee.


If you have a stable checking account, use the account and set up automated monthly bill pay for the credit card. Besides avoiding a credit fee it helps build your credit up as companies can see that the bill is paid every month on time. Keep in mind that you will need to make sure that there is enough money in the account every month on the due date to pay for the monthly payment. If you do not do this you will incur another fee from your bank as well as the credit card company as well. Avoid credit fee by easily calling the credit card company and paying the bill over the phone. This way there is no chance of you being late and therefore ruining your credit history. Call the credit card company and discuss the issue if you are having trouble paying the payment on time every month. It may just be something as simple as changing the bill payment due date. If this is something that will help to avoid credit fee then do it. Some companies do not allow for this however in some circumstances most credit card companies will allow for this if it will assure that they will be getting their payments in a more timely manner.


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