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How to find one credit card for all your needs?

Published at 01/15/2012 22:34:46

Determining the nature of your credit card needs

Having a credit card that is all inclusive and that which enables you meet all your credit card needs may be a bit tricky to make a choice from the various types. In most cases credit card holders will tend to have many credit cards to meet specific needs as opposed to having one credit card. For you to have a single credit card to meet all your needs, you must first determine your needs. Your credit card needs affect areas such as where you intend to use the card and how often you will be using the card. Obviously, different shopping outlets will accept specific credit cards thus it is very important to do your research very well if your card of choice is universal. Before choosing one credit card to meet all your needs, determine if your current needs will remain fixed or if they will tend to change from time to time. If you are able to comprehend this, you are set in acquiring your multipurpose card.

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Types of credit card needs covered by one credit card

Card holders have different needs that may be covered by one credit card. One of those needs is need for credit for your daily spending and regular purchases such as foodstuffs and fuel for your automobile. Different cards will be used for either long term or short term needs for credit. If you intend to have a one credit for all your needs, you need to search for a card that combines all these needs to serve you well. However, it is easy to find one as there are plenty of providers in the market.

Features of one credit card for all your needs

For a credit card to be able to meet all your needs, it must have more features than an ordinary credit card. Of most importance, it must be acceptable in most if not all outlets that permit credit cards for their transactions. These include shopping malls, restaurants, fuel and gas stations among other outlets. Most cards such as American Express and Visa cards are widely accepted. Having one credit card for your needs means that interest rates and fees charged must be satisfactory. These include annual fees, interest rates and must offer zero or promotional rates. In addition, it must offer different types of rewards and bonuses other cards are able to offer. Balance transfer fee must be low to enable you transfer balances from other cards if you had any. One credit card for all your needs simply means that it must combine all the features and benefits offered by different credit cards in to one and in general, using one credit card must be economical and money saving than having many credit cards.

Tips when choosing one credit card for all your needs

If you wish to have one credit card to meet your many and varied needs, its wise to chose a common card that you understand well and which is not complicated to use. The card should be secured which helps in limiting how you use it. Of most important, the card must have a balance feature to help you combine credit balances from previous balances.