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Ways To Get Quick Loans With Bad And Negative Credit History

Published at 07/14/2011 14:05:27

Getting a quick loan with bad credit and a negative credit history is possible although it is not very easy. The most important thing you might need to do is to understand why you have bad credit and then take immediate steps to repair it. One of the main things that lenders look at when giving out loans is your credit history.  People with bad or negative history are regarded as high risk. If your credit history is bad do not despair as there are many things that you can do to get a quick loan.

Pay your bills on time

Your payment history is one of the most important factors used to calculate your credit score. In order to improve your credit score make sure you pay your accounts on time and pay off your debt. If you have outstanding payments they must also be settled as early as possible. Once your credit score improves lenders can afford to give you a quick loan. Although the loan you qualify for under such circumstances may not be so attractive, you will at least be able to get some quick funds.

Paying off a loan

You could also consider taking a short term loan. Most payday loan lenders do not do credit checks and this is one of the quickest ways of getting a quick loan. Paying back that loan on time will also improve your negative credit history. The most important thing at the end of the day is being able to pay off all your debt and any outstanding bill and loans.

Stable employment

Even if you have a bad credit history, lenders will look at your employment history before they can give a quick loan. They want to look at your stability in terms of your monthly earnings. Payday loan lenders will also require your proof of employment before they can give a short term loan.

Other loan types

If you have a bad credit rating you can also consider applying for FHA loans or other government programs. People with bad credit can also qualify for such loans. If your spouse has got a good credit history then you can partner with her and apply for a loan. Sometimes it is easier to qualify for quick loans when you apply as co-borrowers.

Tips and comments:

Active accounts – improve your credit score

You can also improve your credit history by using your credit card wisely. If you do not have a credit history at all or if your credit history is poor you may need to get a secured credit card, this is basically a credit card that requires you to deposit a certain minimum amount of money and the account will be controlled by the credit card firm. A secured card or the deposit that you put on the card will help you to lessen your risk and repair a negative credit history. Every transaction that you do with your secured credit card is reported to the credit bureaus and this will help you to build up the negative credit history. Once the credit rating has been improved you can easily qualify for quick loans with bad credit.