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How To Up Credit Scores By Paying Debt


The economic downturn that has been witnessed over the last few years has brought a wide range of problems for a lot of people. These problems have included people losing their homes, people failing to pay off their bills and debts among others. These problems have added up to mess up the credit scores of many people. Having a bad credit score does not necessarily mean that it is the end of the world. There are a number of ways of getting one’s credit up.

Step 1

One of the most obvious and effective ways of getting the credit up is by paying off all debts. This is really a no brainer. The reason that a consumer will find themselves in a bad credit situation is when they fail to pay up their debts. This causes them to pile up and therefore making it even harder for one’s financial situation and also ruining the credit score more.

Step 2

A consumer should understand that borrowing funds without due consideration can have some very dire effects eventually. The reason most consumers find themselves in a situation where they need to get their credit up is usually their own undoing. This is because in most cases a consumer will approach a bank or a financing institution for an unnecessary loan or financing. The loan is usually unnecessary because an individual will be looking to finance their bad and unprofitable habits.

Step 3

The moment the consumer decides to acquire funds for the purpose of financing some sort of lifestyle; then this will be the beginning of their financial woes. Doing this over and over again will place the consumer in a position where they will need to get their credit up. When a loan is taken from any institution; it is quite obvious that it will need to be repaid with interest. If a consumer is not going to use the borrowed funds to generate more money then it goes without saying that there will be a problem when repaying.

Step 4

Debt will also put the consumer in a situation that they will need to get their credit up if the debt was piled up as result of not paying up credit card balances. Failing to make the necessary payments on balances on time is a sure way of getting into financial trouble. The fact that some people take credit cards to buy and engage in lavish pleasures does not help either.

Step 5

Misuse of credit cards and loans is a sure way of getting into a financial quagmire. That being said; it is quite obvious that the most effective way to get one’s credit up is by paying off some of these debts. With years of unwise financial decisions comes a great deal of debt.


The consumer should therefore draw up a carefully thought out plan of paying off debts. When one pays off debts it proves to financial institutions that the consumer has the ability to pay off what they owe. This will in turn get the credit up and improve the financial situation of the individual.

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By Elly Andy, published at 04/06/2012
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