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Published at 02/22/2012 16:19:27


There cannot be a truer proverb than ‘Health is Wealth,’ but it is also true that one has to spend large sums of money one earns or a substantial part of one’s wealth to be in good health. A good insurance health coverage at the right premium however will help get coverage against various diseases and health emergencies for the entire family.

Health insurance that was unheard of till the beginning of the 19th century has become very popular during the past few decades and millions of people all over the world have purchased insurance health coverage for themselves and their family.

Insurance health coverage is a contract between an individual and the insurance company and meets the patient’s expenses for various procedures and tests that have to be done at the time routine health checkups, when afflicted by various diseases and at the time of unforeseen emergencies like accidents.


The insurance company reimburses the hospital the expenses incurred at the time of treatment of the health insurance policy holder. Many businesses take of their employees insurance health insurance coverage by making large contributions. Only a small premium amount has to be paid by the employees for themselves and their family members’ health insurance.

There are plans and packages that are suitable for various individuals that include small children, college going students and people working in different sectors and environment. There are numerous insurance companies and each one competes with others to give a wide coverage at the best, affordable premium rates.

In these days of Internet and online shopping it is possible to buy insurance health coverage online. There are numerous health insurance companies and at times it can be a tad confusing in not only knowing the right plan and coverage and the premium that needs to be paid but also the best insurance company.


The websites of these companies will give detailed and comprehensive information about the company and the policies they offer. There are also sites that compare the various plans offered by the insurance companies and help know the best. A person interested in getting his family insured can get free online quotes as well.

Health insurance should be able to cover almost all the costs incurred during the entire treatment and the expenses borne by the individual must be minimal. There are insurance companies that have a pricing structure that is difficult to understand and have various hidden clauses that can be highly detrimental. Gathering as much information as one can about the plan one is in interested in is therefore very important to avoid paying from one’s pocket for the medical expenses even though one is insured for it. The best insurance plans and the right premium amount reimburses the policy holders meets pre hospitalization, hospitalization, post hospitalization expenses, it also pays for daily allowance during hospitalization and offers converge emergency assistance.

Tips and Comments

A good insurance health coverage will not reduce the pain or trauma but certainly provide a much needed peace of mind and will help make the hospital stay and recovery relatively tension free for not only the patient but also for his whole family.


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