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What Is the Difference Between a Medical Spa And a Regular Spa?

Published at 02/03/2012 12:49:27


There are numerous individuals that are unaware of the differences between a regular day spa and a medical spa. Both of these spas are stress busters, and they are capable of providing enhancements for the beauty in your face, skin and body. They have similar functions and some of their offered services are somewhat similar to each other. However, there are some substantial differences between these two types of spas.


A medical spa or medispa is a combination of a medical clinic and a regular day spa. A regular medispa operates under the management of a licensed, specialized and highly trained doctor such as the plastic surgeon. These spas are capable of treating various conditions in your body and face such as redness, wrinkles, creases, brown spots and broken capillaries. These treatments can be treated by the personnel in the medispa and not by any conventional esthetician.


Staff and Employees
There is a huge difference between these two major classifications of spa in terms of personnel facilitating the operations. Their uniforms and gowns may look similar, but their functions and capabilities are very different from each other. The regular day spas consisted of licensed and trained beauty experts. The medispas, on the other hand, are made up of medical personnel that are trained in a specific area of body or health repair such as laser health removal and laser skin resurfacing.

The Amenities of both Spas
The amenities for both types of spas are very distinct from each other. The regular day spas have the more luxurious appearance and theme than their medical counterparts do. They are designed to cause relaxation and halcyon to their clients. A regular day spa is filled with comfortable sofas, dazzling decorations and other soothing amenities to cater to clients that are in need of pampering.

The amenities of the medical spa, on the other hand, are designed for specific medical purposes. These spas are also very comfortable, but they bear more resemblance to clinics and hospitals. The amenities and overall appearances of these spas are built for its purposes and not for pampering customers.

Services of both Spas
The services offered by the medical spas are related to performing medical procedures or medical oriented services. They offer services such as acne treatments, wrinkle treatments, chemical facial peels, laser hair removal, botox injections and many more.

The services offered by the conventional spa are for aesthetics and non-medical procedures. The most popular services for a regular spa are facials, hair coloring, make up makeovers, massages and others.

The paraphernalia for the medical spa are more professional and complex than those of the regular day spa. The equipment and devices for the medispas are more expensive as well. Chemical and laser treatments require costly and reliable machines. There are also several expensive items and equipment at the conventional spas, but not as much as those of the medispas. The regular spas are basically centered on human services with less assistance from equipment.

Tips and comments

Specialized services and products have made lives easier and more manageable these days. The medi spas are specialized and designed for further beauty enhancements that require medical procedures. A medical spa basically offers a more complex procedure to attaining beauty than the regular day spa.