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Health Services That Are Available At Your Local Salon And Spa

Published at 02/09/2012 17:47:16

Health Services Available at Your Local Salon and Spa

Gone are the days when women would spend countless hours having their nails painted, face made over and hair trimmed at the local spa and salon, although those services are still offered. Today’s salons and spas come complete with licensed aestheticians, clinicians and professionals that offer a wide variety of services that go far beyond outer beauty. Check your local establishment to check for health services that are available at your local spa and salon.


Massage is a mainstay of several salons and spas, and is becoming more popular amongst both men and women. Many spas and salons offer services from deep tissue massage to hot stone massages that are intended to rejuvenate the body and mind. During a hot stone massage, lava rocks are heated, oil and placed on various areas of the body. The stone’s heat is absorbed into the body and penetrates deeply to relieve tension and stress. Reflexology is another service offered by several spas and involves working with certain pressure points on the feet to improve circulation. Acupressure massage, which involves focusing pressure on various parts of the body, is often used to treat pain and other ailments, including arthritis. Swedish massage is a long-used type of massage that involves using long strokes on various parts of the body and used to treat patients suffering from osteoarthritis, joint pain and poor circulation. Speak to your doctor or chiropractor to learn some of the health benefits a regular massage will afford you. Also ask your local spa or salon for any long-term or bulk discounts offered to regular clients.

Holistic Services

Many salons and spas offer holistic health services to treat the mind, body and spirit. Among these is hypnotherapy, during which time the patient is placed under hypnosis to deal with personal trauma or other issues. Chiropractic services are also offered at several salons and spas. Check your local spa or salon and inquire if any acupuncture services are offered. During acupuncture, small needles are placed in strategic parts of the body to deal with particular ailments. For instance, a small needle is inserted on the leg’s front just below the knee to help a patient dealing with stomach issues. The point above the wrist is used to treat lung ailments. Some spas and salons even offer psychotherapy services to customers. Check with your local spa and salon to determine the specific holistic services offered.


Hydrotherapy, or the art of using water to treat certain illnesses and offer pain relief, is a common practice used at several of your local salons and spas. Common hydrotherapy tools used today include sitz baths, compresses, saunas, warm baths or wet sock treatments. Several healing products, including Epsom salts, mud and lavender are used in conjunction with warm baths. Wet socks treatments are often used to treat several ailments, from sore throats and coughs to sinus infections and migraines. Hot and wet compresses are used to treat pain and involve strategically placing towels on the body depending on the person’s illness or issue.