How To Use Vitamin Suplements
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How To Use Vitamin Suplements

Published at 01/12/2012 19:17:03


How To Use Vitamin Suplements

Vitamins and minerals are compounds that are essential in the daily functioning of the body. The main fact about vitamins is that they are not produced by the body thus daily intake is highly recommended.  As human lifestyle changes, there is no doubt that vitamin deficiency may occur. For decades mankind has studied and developed several methods to discern and treat diseases caused by vitamin deficiency. As their studies progresses they found out that the primary function of vitamins is to boost the body’s defence system against certain diseases. Today, several health care practitioners have enlightened the world of the benefits of vitamins in human’s daily activities. However, optimum vitamin absorption from natural resource is sometimes not reached. Vitamin suplements were invented for that purpose.


How To Use Vitamin Suplements

In the ancient time, whenever a person gets sick the immediate reaction they do is to treat them with different herbs. Several years have passed and not until the 18th century that the first vitamin deficiency disease was acknowledge by society. These lead to a continuous study on the effects of vitamins in the body including their natural sources. From time to time, scientists identified the different vitamins and their roles in the human body. And thus they have concluded that there are 13 vitamins belonging to either water soluble and fat soluble group. In the 1930’s a breakthrough was made when several pharmaceutical companies have discovered a way to artificially produce vitamins. With that, vitamin suplements have been created. Today, several vitamins are packed in a single dosage form allowing everyone to achieve the necessary vitamins and minerals needed by the body.


How To Use Vitamin Suplements

Knowing certain facts about vitamin suplements would aid on how one can maximize the benefits without overdosing. The very important thing to consider is their solubility. As noted earlier, there two groups of vitamins, the Fat soluble vitamins and the water soluble vitamins. Vitamins A, D, E and K belong to the fat soluble group. In order for them to be fully absorbed, fats must be there to dissolve them. For this group, taking them before or after a fat containing meal or fat suplements is advised. While other vitamins need certain minerals for them to be metabolized, taking both vitamins and minerals can be done. One common example is Vitamin A and Zinc, the mineral Zinc increase the effects of Vitamin A.

One must also know the recommended daily intake for vitamins and minerals most especially fat soluble vitamin. For better understanding you can consult your physicians, pharmacists or nutritionist for detailed explanation. You may also ask them about contraindications vitamins may have on certain medications to avoid complications.

Tips and comments

One may find that vitamin overdose is not often and fatal. However precautionary methods must be applied when taking vitamin suplements. Vitamin A for one can cause hair loss when overdose is acquired. Always remember the recommended daily intake for each vitamins and their adverse drug reaction. Though vitamin suplements are widely sold in today’s society, one must check is they are tested and approved by the FDA. With that, it is still highly recommended that one gets their vitamin needs from natural resource such as fruits and vegetables.


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