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Vitamin D3 Benefits For Children

Published at 02/20/2012 01:24:37


Vitamin D is responsible for calcium intake for the body, which has been found to be deficient in many people. The worst part is that people are not even aware of the deficiency. The truth is that Vitamin D3 is an integral part of the body without which the body cannot survive. It is an essential vitamin without which the consequences would be very bad. The best part is that one can get this vitamin by the mere exposure to the sun. Yes, sunlight does provide vitamin D3 and hence it is evident that due to the decrease in exposure to the sunlight the Vitamin D3 has gained importance.

Infants depend upon formula milk and mother's milk for their dietary needs. In these formulas vitamin d3 is not at all incorporated and even the mother's milk does not have sufficient amounts of vitamin d3 and hence it should be incorporated by adding supplements which are available in liquid form. If babies do not get the vitamin D3 supplement, then there is a risk of developing rickets and this may lead to abnormalities in the bones.

Growing children generally are exposed to sunlight when they go out to play and this leads to the Vitamin D3 intake. With the advent of more and more indoor activities and games, children do not go out to play and hence the skin does not absorb Vitamin D3. Deficiency of vitamin D3 leads to diseases of bones and also reduced immunity. Hence this Vitamin D3 has established its role in the developing children as well as in infants.

Vitamin D3 in a nutshell helps to develop immunity in children and young adults. This vitamin is essential, especially for young girls as this develops a base for good adolescence and womanhood and reduces the risk of arthritis and cancer in women. Bones are the support of human body and Vitamin D3 is directly responsible to have stronger bones and even the skull. Reduction of this Vitamin leads to rickets and other abnormalities of bones. Above all this vitamin D3 is also responsible for stronger teeth.


  • Vitamin D3 is responsible for strong bones and provision of calcium to the body
  • Vitamin D3 can be got from the mere exposure to sunlight
  • deficiency of this vitamin may lead to rickets and abnormalities in bones

Vitamin D3 has been the talk of doctors and paediatricians lately as the exposure to sun has decreased. Hence it is always advised for children to go in sunlight for some time daily.


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