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How To Know If You Have Diseases Rickets


Rickets is a disorder that affects the young people, causing poor development of the bones especially in the joints of the hands and legs. In most cases, rickets is witnessed in children who are locked up in the house and they are not able to get the sun rays. Although rickets is not common in the many societies now days, it is still a problem that the doctors are fighting with.

Step 1

In order for to know if you have diseases rickets, you must be very keen to ensure that you know thev signs and symptom of the diseases rickets. The bent bones in the knees are evident enough to know if you have diseases rickets. For anyone with diseases rickets, the bones are totally bent and it is not easy to make them to return to normal.

Step 2

In order for you to know if you diseases rickets, you must consider the growing and development of your body. A person suffering from diseases rickets will have stunted growth and at many times may fail to grow fat even if he is provided with balanced diet. Also to know if you have diseases rickets, you must examine you stools. In this case your stool can be dry and is very hard to pass it out. This is normally caused by interference of the digestive system by the diseases rickets

Step 3

If you want to know if you have diseases rickets, although your body can be small due to poor development, but your weight can be too heavy causing the arm and legs bones to bow. This usually affects the rest of the body organs like shoulders causing them to be deformed

Step 4

If you want to know if you have diseases rickets, you consider the enamel of your teeth. In most cases the enamel are too weak and you might not be able to chew hard things. Also the teeth take too long to come through due to lack of calcium in the body. In many cases, when the teeth come through, it does not take long before getting out of the mouth since they are weak to remain in their position. Also if you want to know if you have diseases rickets, your ankles and wrists thicken causing pains in these areas. Also the knees thicken and it can cause walking problems. To know if you have diseases rickets, consider the size of your chest. Normally people with diseases rickets have broad chest which are very rough but they cannot do heavy work since they experience some pains in the chest when doing such heavy jobs. You must also consider the shape of your forehead for you to know if you have diseases rickets. The forehead at some points may be in a shape of rectangle and you may feel some pains even when you are relaxing.

Step 5

Another important thing to know if you have diseases rickets is the paining bones which occur in the back and the abdominal bones.


It is important to for anyone to know the signs of rickets in order to know if you have diseases rickets.

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