Plastic Surgery And Self-Esteem
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Plastic Surgery And Self-Esteem

Published at 01/25/2012 22:55:30


Plastic Surgery And Self-Esteem

Plastic Surgery is not an estranged concept. In fact it is one that is very popular among women especially. Plastic Surgery and its implications are a topic of endless debate and the Pros and Cons of this phenomenon are weighed way too often. Plastic surgery and Self-esteem are inter-related. Self-esteem is a concept that is related to what you think of yourself. If you think you are good, both physically and mentally as in, appearance and spiritually, then you are said to have high Self-esteem and if you think a little low of yourself and consider yourself as someone who lacks in appearance and in soul, then your said to have low-self-esteem. And plastic surgery targets the ones who have low self-esteem. Plastic Surgery and its proponents are a solution for people to correct and fix what they think is wrong with them, but only empirical changes not spiritual ones.


Plastic Surgery and its advent go back to 800 BC. The only difference was that, at that time Plastic Surgery and its perks were not as perfected as they are now. And now they also include a lot more than what was included back in the day.


Plastic Surgery And Self-Esteem

The way you see yourself is very important. When you don’t see yourself as adequate you seek for ways to correct whatever you can. People now days are basically seeking to attain a higher self-esteem through plastic surgery and its perks. Even the teens have started resorting to such methods of self-satisfaction. The attractive and consoling slogans of plastic surgeons are so appealing that they make the people believe that Plastic Surgery and its miracles will lead them to correct the physical defects in themselves. The most popular physical attribute people seek to correct is, the nose, some people want to look younger and want brow lifts and even Botox. The others want to either suck the fat out of their bodies, or want to reduce or enlarge parts of their body according to their ideals. They think that a little nip and tuck will help them mend their self-esteem problems and lead to them being satisfied. The outlook is changed. People think it’s magical, that plastic surgery has made it possible for humans to change whatever physical attribute of theirs they don’t like, in a world where people used to say, that one has to live with what they have and accept it.

Tips and comments

The problem is that people fail to recognize that plastic surgery and its promises will never bring them the satisfaction they desire. If they don’t treat themselves the right way, and will act as if they are very conscious of their flaws, everyone around them will detect this low-self-esteem and treat them accordingly. Therefore one must know that the self-esteem is what comes from the inside and it can’t be mended by making changes from the outside with the help of plastic surgery. Plastic Surgery and its side effects can’t be ignored and must always be kept in mind.