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How To Find Out If Eye Surgery Is Right For You


For a long-time people could only correct faulty vision with the use of glasses. This was the case for at least seven centuries, until contacts were invented and popularized. Even so, contacts aren't always particularly convenient. Even though a person wearing contacts doesn't have to worry about caring for a pair of glasses, or another person noticing that he's wearing contacts, they can become difficult to manage. Contacts have a tendency of drying out the eyes, giving the person wearing them the chore of consistently using eye drops, and putting the contacts in and taking them out morning and night. They can become time consuming, and inconvenient.

Nowadays, people have the option of investing in corrective eye surgery. There are now more options to correct one's vision. These options can range anywhere from reshaping the eye's surface to inserting a corrective lens into the eye. This article will explain a little bit about corrective eye surgery, to help you decide if it's the right option for you.

Step 1

One of the options for corrective eye surgery is LASEK eye surgery. This involves creating a hinged flap on the surface of the eye. After the thin flap is created, surgeons float it away from the surface of the eye with the use of alcohol. This allows for laser reshaping. This form of eye surgery is good as it avoids problems of reattaching the flap in the cornea area of the eye. It's disadvantages may include: long recovery time, and pain.

Step 2

LASIK eye surgery is similar to LASEK eye surgery. However, the "hinged flap" is removed with a special cutting tool, rather then alcohol. The recovery time is much quicker using LASIK eye surgery, and usually involves less pain then with LASEK eye surgery. However, complications such as cataracts may occur.

Step 3

"All Laser" LASIK is different in that then regular LASIK, or LASEK in that it doesn't use any cutting tools. "All Laser" LASIK is a form of eye surgery that only uses lasers. "All Laser" LASIK has also been called IntraLASIK.

Step 4

PRK, Wavefront LASIK uses an analysis named "Wavefront" to determine exactly how light moves through the eye. This allows for surgery that can accomplish subtle vision adjustments based on exact eyesight problems. With PRK, laser energy is used to reshape the cornea. However, PRK can result in more pain then other forms of laser surgery.

Step 5

Implantable lenses are surgically implanted lenses that are typically approved for people with severe nearsightedness. The lenses are implanted, with the eye's natural lens kept in place. Implanted lenses generally last about 15 years before another eye surgery is needed. 

Step 6

Refractive Lens Exchange surgery is similar to Implantable Lenses, however it involves exchanging the lens that naturally occurs in the lens with an artificial lens. This method of eye surgery is the best for individuals who suffer from severe farsightedness. This form of eye surgery has a higher risk of complications then other forms of eye surgery, and should only be considered if the patient has severe eyesight problems.


Unless your eyesight problems are really hindering, when considering eye surgery it's best to choose the laser eye surgery options, as these forms of eye surgery involve a more simple procedure, and have less risk. 


All forms of eye surgery have some risk of complications. Therefore, it's best to only consider eye surgery if your eyesight is severe, and you're having a difficult time dealing with glasses and contacts.

By Savanna Lujan, published at 02/25/2012
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