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Countries With the Highest Surgery Prices


Many people travel abroad in order to carry out the prescribed procedures for their recommended surgeries. People, especially in the developing countries, are told of countries with better yet higher surgery prices because the higher the price, the higher the quality of treatment that they receive. Another phenomenon that attracts them to the rather expensive boundaries for their treatment is when they are told "you get what you pay for" and so they make their decisions based on the surgery prices being offered across different countries.


The task of getting surgery done may be a daunting one and the decision as to where exactly the surgery is to be carried out is the most significant indeed. With every passing day, thanks to the inflationary pressures across the globe, the costs of specialized services such as those of surgeries are surging up higher and higher. However, because this might be a life changing decision for many, it has to be taken carefully and cautiously. For this reason, many people tend to ignore the high levels of prices and probably think that the high prices are testimony to the fact that the service to be provided is of exceptional quality. There are varying reasons for the differing surgery prices in every geographical boundary. The costs that are charged by surgeons in North America differ from those in South America, which in turn differ from the costs listed in Central America. The categories of pricing are split off according to geographical areas, not only outside the countries but also within the countries.


By and large, the price ranges offered in Asia differ from those offered in Europe, Africa, North and South America, hence the demand for surgeries in these places differ greatly too. So, what then is the most expensive place for getting surgeries? Are there some justified reasons for the high surgery prices? Generally, the prices range from $7000 to $9000 for plastic surgeries in most regions and you might notice that your region would offer prices somewhere in between this range as well. But in countries like Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Thailand, India and Dominican Republic, the prices may lie in between $3500 to $6000 which would include your traveling and living accommodation costs as well. Moreover, if you go for the same treatment in New York, you are likely to experience a good 50% increase in the costs. Can this increase be actually attributed to the experience and greater research knowledge of the American doctors or is it just overrated? More generally, the costs in Central America tend to be higher because of the high land costs, labor costs, taxes, as well as the high training and administrative costs. The geography of a place really does make a difference. The doctor with the same qualifications will have to charge lower when he is practicing in Africa so as to attract more clientele than he would if he was practicing in America.

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To conclude, the geographical location of a country matters; America, specifically New York seems to be the area charging the highest surgery prices due to a combination of factors. This high price may as well form the basis of the decisions of many people to pursue their surgeries in America rather than in some other, cheaper country.

By Amara, published at 02/02/2012
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