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What Type Of Penis Surgery Helps Men With Erectile Dysfunction?

Published at 02/04/2012 20:03:19


A penis surgery can be the only viable solution for men that are having severe erectile dysfunctions. Surgical and medical procedures are the substantial solutions for these predicaments. This surgical operation can involve artery repair or implants for penis enlargement as well. According to recent statistics, there are more than 20,000 men from the USA per year that opt for a penile surgery. It is highly recommended to purse penile implants specifically if all the natural and synthetic remedies have failed.


The penis surgery has been attainable to men with erectile dysfunctions for more than thirty years. Its procedures have significantly evolved throughout the years due to the emergence of several technological enhancements. However, there are also several non-surgical treatments that have developed to treat erectile dysfunctions. Men with such dysfunctions could utilize injections, penis pumps and pills as substitutes for penile implants.


Causes of erectile dysfunction
There are several possible causes of erectile dysfunctions that can be fixed by a penis surgery. Some of them are psychological and some are physical in nature. The psychological causes of such dysfunction involve men that could not generate the desire for sex which would lead to floppy erections. These men are usually not attracted to their sexual partners or they just don’t have the desire to engage in sex. There are also some men that could not hold their erection long enough due to lack of blood passing their organ.

The majority of the physical causes of these dysfunctions are often associated with aging and other medical conditions. Older men are more vulnerable to complications such as hypertension, diabetes, vascular disease and hormonal disorders. These medical complications can affect the normal erection of a man’s sexual organ.

Artery Repair
Young and healthy men are also vulnerable to such dysfunction. There are men that have obtained such dysfunctions after they have damaged their arteries from pelvic injuries. The only procedure to resolve such predicament is through penis surgery or artery repair. This surgical operation involves utilizing a different blood vessel to circumnavigate the damaged blood vessel that has caused such dysfunction.

Penile implants and its forms
Penile implants are widely utilized by men that are ages 65 and beyond these days. There are two types of penile implants and both of them need an incision under the man’s sexual organ. These incisions are usually located in where the scrotum and penis meet. Here are the two types of penile implants:
• Inflatable. The erection of the penis is attained when the organ is filled with water. A container is buried inside the abdomen of the man’s abdomen and hollow tubes are inserted into man’s sexual organ. A pump is placed under the scrotum. The user will just have to squeeze the pump whenever he wants his penis to erect.
• Malleable or non-inflatable. There are no pumps or tubes needed for this type of penile implant. It just needs a couple of silicone rods that will be inserted to the penis. The user will just have to pull or bend to obtain reception in his penis.

Tips and comments

A surgical operation for the erectile dysfunction should only be pursued when all the other non-surgical alternatives have failed. It would be much better if you would practice those alternatives first. A penis surgery can be hazardous and expensive as well.