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Published at 02/04/2012 05:48:23


Cosmetic Surgery breast is capable of augmenting a woman’s overall proportion and shape. It will certainly make her feel better, and she will also gain more confidence because of this. Women with larger and more uplifted breasts are very appealing to the eyes of the opposite sex. Even prominent Hollywood personalities have gone under the knife to improve their appearance.

However, there are hazards that can be ministered by cosmetic surgery breast. There are countless women that attained severe complications and injuries through such beauty surgical operation. Despite the hazards ministered by these operations, there are still thousands of women that would consider pursuing these operations. Women would continue to undergo implants due to the fact that the modern society has convinced them that they would look beautiful with larger breasts.

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Types of breast surgery
• Breast augmentation is one of the world’s most popular cosmetic surgeries. The main purpose of this surgical operation is to enhance the natural size of the woman’s breast. These implants are usually made out of silicone and saline. Each material has its own benefits and risks as well.
• Breast lifting is designed to lift up sagging breasts due to aging and breast feeding. The ideal candidates for this surgical operation are women with children.
• Breast reduction surgery is for women that need to remove the excessive skin in the chest. Breast muscles and tissues are also removed in this operation to reduce the larger breasts. Excessive bust size can cause pain in the neck, shoulder and back. Due to their weight.
• Breast reconstructive surgery is another classification of surgery breast, which is utilized to correct medical conditions. It is employed to reconstruct and repair damaged breasts caused by breast augmentation or lifting. Leakage and ruptures from the implants will be treated by such surgical procedure.

Durability and life span
Implants may help a woman look better, but they do not last forever. The common materials utilized for breast implants are saline and silicone. There have been numerous reports and complaints regarding the durability and lifespan of these implants. The majority of these implants would not last more than eight years. Some would leak in just a few months after the operation. Leakage and ruptures and the two most frequent problems of breast augmentation. The worst feature about these problems is that it can put a woman’s health and life in danger.

Health risks and possible complications
The procedures of surgery breast augmentation are very hazardous and obtrusive. It can lead to health risks and other severe complications as well. Foreign materials such as implants are basically threats to both the mental and physical health of the woman. Recent studies have confirmed that women with breast implants are more vulnerable to obtaining breasts and health issues compared to women without those implants.



Breast augmentation can eliminate all your physical insecurities and increase your self-confidence as well. However, a couple of beautiful and humungous breasts are not worth putting your life and health in danger. Surgery breast is the imperative solution to achieving bigger bust size, but it is not the safest bust enhancing procedure.

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