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Best Methods For Care After Band Lap Surgery

Published at 02/02/2012 19:59:34

Knowing about band lap surgery

Band lap surgery is a simple gastric banding system that helps to lower the amount of food the stomach can hold and also helps to lose weight. Band lap surgery which is also known as laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding is performed with a device that slows down the movement of food to enable patient feel full quickly even when they eat little. Most times, this type of surgery is recommended for obsessed body masses greater than the age of 35 years as well as people who have tried all other ways to lose weight but to no success.

The levels of obesity rising all over the world has made it very necessary for people to find the best ways out to lose unnecessary weight and also stay healthy no wonder people are loving the band lap surgery. With band lap surgery procedure, complications are not too rampant but happen from time to time. There are sometimes issues with band slippage with weight loss, band leakage, conversion from laparoscopic method to an open method, blockage of the stoma, etc but the good news is that if a patient takes all diet instructions after the surgery serious, these issues will be history.


Methods for care after band lap surgery:

After band lap surgery, there are so many reasons why you should be extra careful about the way you live your life making sure adhere to all rules given to you by the surgeon.

• Make sure you never smoke after band lap surgery to ensure that the healing process is smooth.
• Do not worry about it when you lose some of your hair after the band lap surgery because they will fall back in shape after some time.
• Sticking to the diet given to you by doctors and also performing some exercises will not only help you heal quickly but will also help you feel better.

Planning band lap surgery:

• It will be best to stop smoking six or seven weeks to the day of surgery because it might cause so many risks during the procedure and after it.
• You must know that after band lap surgery, you need to be very committed to make sure it is a success.
• Make sure you choose the right surgeon to have this surgery for you because your life might be at risk if you do not do so.
• A patient must be 18 years and above and must also be 100 pounds overweight or have a BMI of 40 or even higher to be eligible for band lap surgery.
• For special situations like type 2 diabetes, BMI’s might reduce.

Some tips to help you stay fit after band lap surgery:

• Be ready to stay in the hospital for at least a day after band lap surgery for doctors to study you.
• Diets given to patients after band lap surgery are not fixed because depending on how you heal, more delicious foods are added to diet little by little.


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