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What Is Bypass Gastric Surgery?

Published at 02/05/2012 16:50:59

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery and other surgeries for weight loss allow reducing the weight by controlling the food taken or by decreasing the nutrient absorption or both. These surgeries are done when the exercises and diet does not work or for any health problems because of the weight. It is an operation that separates the stomach into a small upper and a lower pouch and re-arrangement is done with small intestine for connecting both. Procedures of bypass gastric surgery lead to reduction in the stomach volume and also response physically to the food. Bypassing section of the intestine, it lowers the quantity of food taken and absorption of nutrients and thereby reducing the weight.

Purpose of Gastric Bypass Surgery

The purpose of gastric bypass surgery is reducing the weight. The gastric bypass surgery can reduce the volume of the stomach by over 90 percent. It is appropriate for overweight people who cannot be able to reduce weight with exercise, diet or medicine. When the body mass index becomes 40 or more, in that situation bypass gastric surgery is done. A disabling or life threatening problem like diabetes type2 wherein you cannot control by diet or exercise, this surgery is done even when the body mass index is 35 or more. This surgery can be thought of as a medium for weight loss and is not fixed instantly. In most of the cases back pain in the lower side and joint pains are relieved or reduced and hypertension is relieved in almost 70 percent of the patients.


Risks are common for almost all surgeries. In case of bypass gastric surgery infection in the slit or leak from stomach to abdominal cavity and clotting of blood in legs can be of greater risk to the patient. In some other cases a deficiency in nutritional condition like that of osteoporosis or anemia is developed. Other risks include that of stomach pouch problems, vomiting, hernia, kidney stones and gallstones. In case of stomach pouch problem a repeat surgery may be needed to restore the stomach. If the person takes more food than stomach’s holding capacity, that can cause vomiting. A cut made by surgeon or if the intestines wrap around itself it can cause hernia and kidney stones can be avoided by taking plenty of water.

Bypass gastric surgery works well

Bypass gastric surgery works well in almost all the patients and with the help of this surgery people can lose their weight up to half. Many people have added 20 to 25 percentage of their weight they lost previously. People who are practical will think about long term for the weight reduction. Also they keep an appointment with the medical staff to follow the eating plan which is recommended. Medical guidelines are to be met for a person to qualify for this bypass gastric surgery by doing and a wide screening process is to be conducted. A permanent change has to be taken for the patient to lead a normal and healthy life and a follow up might be needed for a long term by the patient to monitor the nutrition, behavior and lifestyle and the medical conditions. After the bypass gastric surgery patients can enjoy their family life as well as social life.