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All About Surgery Spine

Published at 02/03/2012 17:17:07

All about surgery spine

For many years now, surgery spine has become very popular where spinal issues are concerned and has been know n to benefit some people while not benefit others. Although surgery spine is a great way to save many spinal patients from their misery of spinal pain and also other related issues, it is not a surgery for every patient or every back pain problem. The main purpose of surgery spine is to help patients who have back pains and also have anatomical evidence for this while patients with no anatomical evidence but have back pain cannot go through surgery spine. What a spinal surgeon does is to change the anatomy of a patients spine through surgery spine to ensure that an impinged nerves, stabilize vertebrae using fusion are released.

The surgeries spinal surgeons perform surgical procedures like spinal fusions, microdiscectomies and laminectomies. All these features of the surgery spinal have its own way of making sure the surgery is a success. A microdiscectomy is mostly done for herniated discs and radiculopathy which is pain that radiates down the leg, a laminectomy is done to remove lamina or disc material to free up space around a nerve foot and a surgical fusion removes a vertebral disc and combines the two vertebrae surrounding the disc together and also restricting or stopping movement of the spine at the point.

Some risks of surgery spine

Every type of surgery is faced with its own risks which are sometimes not preventable and with surgery spine there are five main risks that are mostly involved.

• Anesthesia complications; most times, issues arise when surgeon decides to use general anesthesia instead of local. With general anesthesia, the patient is given drugs to make them sleep throughout the surgery which has led to many deaths since many patients have had allergic reactions which has led to heart stopping, blood clots, heart attack, etc.
• Spinal fluid leaks; the risk of spinal fluid leaks is high especially when a puncture occurs in the membrane that covers the spinal cord. The good thing about this risk is the fact that most of them can be corrected when noticed but if not noticed; it will be difficult to correct which might lead to another surgery to be corrected which is not too comfortable.
• Infection; infections can occur in any level of the surgical wound or even on the surface of skin which can lead to death if severe.
• Paralysis; one major risk of surgery spine is paralysis which is rare but has happened before. It occurs due to spinal cord injury caused by the surgery.
• Nerve damage; nerve damage can cause a decrease in sensation to the body part affected by the nerve damage which might lead to death in some cases.

Planning towards surgery spine process

• Find out if your insurance policy will be able to pay for the cost of the surgery spine.
• Do not take alcohol or smoke at least two months to the surgery.

Tips and comments

Some tips to help you find the best surgery spine surgeon

• Find out from doctors at the hospital where you currently visit.
• After the surgery do not stress yourself too much.