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The Truth About Breast Reduction Surgery

Published at 02/04/2012 05:52:55


Different people undergo different types of cosmetic surgeries every year depending on their needs. Breast surgery is one of the most common, especially the breast augmentation type. However, some people wish to undergo breast reduction surgery to ease back and shoulder pain. It is recommended that you find out all about the procedure first, get to know the professional or surgeon better and discover the equipment and tools needed for the job. Also research on pre-operation and post-operation practices to avoid complications and health risks.


Breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty is an elective plastic surgery method that aims to correct breasts that are oversized. The goal is to recreate functional and aesthetic breasts for proper form and function that will be proportional to the torso and strength of the woman. Surgeons will carefully assess the NAC or nipple-areola complex and viability of the tissue to make sure that the breasts will still be able to lactate properly during childbirth and have full sensitivity. There are three reasons why women undergo the procedure namely physical, mental and aesthetic purposes. Restoring the correct size and form of the breasts will improve the person's self-image. Even though females are the usual patients for the operation, men can sometimes be candidates if they suffer from gynecomastia or the development of female breasts.


Advantages of the Operation

Breast reduction surgery can lead to a number of physical and mental benefits for the patient. For one, it takes off excess weight from the front of the person's body, thereby alleviating pain and discomfort in the back part, shoulders and lower back of the body because of the extra strain and weight. Breasts can also function better during lactation after childbirth. Women minimize the risk of trauma or development of cysts and bruises due to oversized breasts. Correcting the busts during reduction surgery will improve the appearance of the patient and make their chest more proportional to their overall torso. The mental advantages include improved self-image and self-confidence. Women don't have to worry much about the proper clothes to wear and feel better about their bodies.

Tips and comments

The two common techniques done during breast reduction surgery are the inferior pedicle technique or inverted-T incision and the vertical scar technique or the lollipop incision. The first technique follows the natural curve the breasts. The extra tissues are cut and removed leading to a more raised bust that are proportion to the torso. Breasts appear more squared using this technique and is advised for those with very large breasts.

The second breast reduction technique or the lollipop incision features short incision scars. The end result is a more pronounced effect of the minimized bust by taking out the extra tissues and then collecting the skin folds well. This is recommended for taking out minor skin envelope areas. The cost of the surgery can be anywhere between $3,000 and $8,000 depending on the surgeon and clinic. It takes two to four weeks to fully recover. Women have to wear a support bra until they can resume normal activities properly.