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What Types Of Pain Surgery Are There?

Published at 02/06/2012 22:40:40


Have you ever experienced a chronic pain that you would just want to get rid of? If you have, then you might have considered a number of methods to help you alleviate yourself from such a problem. One method that you might want to try is through the use of pain surgery in order to remove your chronic pain.


Although, getting pain surgery to get some form of pain relief might sound attractive, it does have certain disadvantages as well. It can cause some form of impairment in your ability to experience certain sensations. In some other cases, it can also trigger another form of pain in some other region or part. This is the reason why it is important to pick the right pain surgery to use for your particular chronic pain problem.


One of the different pain surgery procedures that you can choose from is the spinal cord stimulation. What this form of pain surgery does is it basically uses an electrical current to provide you with pain relief. Basically, a set of electrodes are placed in certain areas in your spinal cord. Once electrical pulses are sent through these electrodes from a generator, it stimulates the spinal cord, thereby reducing the amount of pain that you might be experiencing.

Another form of pain surgery that you can opt to use is the chemical sympathectomy. This focuses on blocking the pain signals flowing through your nerves. This method eradicates the nerves that are malfunctioning in order to reduce or completely eliminate the sensation of pain. Unfortunately, this procedure can also affect the sensation around the malfunctioning nerves.

If you are experiencing nerve pains, then the pain surgery that would fit your needs would be decompression. This type of surgery focuses on moving certain body structures or blood vessels that could be compressing a particular nerve or nerves. By moving these blood vessels, the surgeon is able to relieve the nerve of pain.

There is also the intrathecal drug delivery wherein a small tube delivers certain pain medicines to a particular spot on the spinal canal where pain signals are sent through in order to reach the brain. This type of system basically focuses on delivering pain medicine on a regular basis in order to combat the pain signals being sent through this area of spinal canal, thereby removing the sensation of pain.

Radiofrequency lesioning is also another form of pain surgery that you can opt to use. This particular method uses heat from electrical stimulation to deaden the nerves that are causing you to feel pain. All it does is stun the nerves, thereby blocking its ability to send pain signals to your brain, thereby removing your sensation of pain.

Tips and Comments

These are just some of the pain surgery procedures that you can choose to use. Just make sure that the type of surgery you choose is one that you feel most comfortable to use. Do not go beyond treatment which you are not sure of. Keep in mind that using the wrong kind of surgery to treat your chronic pain can cause you further pain if it does not work for your particular case.