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How To Find a Low Cost Surgery Clinic

Published at 02/08/2012 05:17:37


If you are in need of surgery and do not have insurance or have insurance that will not pay the full price of the surgery, you may need to find a low cost surgery clinic. Low cost surgery clinics often provide more affordable services and take small deposits and payment plans. They are also more likely to accept government insurance such as Medicare and Medicaid. There are several ways to locate a low cost surgery clinic in your area.

Professional Referrals

Insurance Company Referrals

If you have health insurance, contact the customer service department of the insurance company and talk with a representative about the low cost clinics that are in your area. If you are unable to locate any local low cost surgery clinics, ask what surgery clinics accept your insurance and discuss the amount your insurance will pay towards the surgery. In some situations, you may realize you insurance pays more for certain types of surgeries than others. This will help make the surgery for affordable for you and less stressful in the long run.

Doctor Referrals

Discuss the type of surgery you have to have with your doctors. If you are having financial difficulties or are unable to pay for the full cost of surgery, express the concern to your doctor. Your doctor may be able to refer you to a low cost surgery clinic in your area. In some situations, the doctor may be able to help you make payment arrangements at local clinics that are not necessarily low cost surgery clinics. You can also explore options other than surgery. You may need to consider traveling to a large city or different state to find a low cost surgery clinic that your doctor recommends for you.

Research and Recommendations

Online Searches

Search for low cost surgery clinics in your area using an online search engine such as Google or Yahoo. Type surgery clinic and your zip code. Browse the search results and click on the link to each clinic. Navigate around the clinic website to find out what types of services are offered, the doctors and surgeons that work at the clinic, types of insurance and payments accepted and the cost of each surgery. You can also get the contact information for each clinic and contact them to ask any questions you may have concerning the surgery and payment.

Recommendations from Friends and Family Members

Talk with friends and family members to see if they can recommend a low cost surgery clinic for you. Discuss the types of surgery you are in need of and the type of payments you would like the clinic to accept. Make a list of all the recommendations and contact the surgery clinics for more information about prices and services offered. Contact your insurance company as well to make sure they are able to cover surgeries that are done at the list of clinics. You may also want to discuss the clinics with your doctor to make sure he is comfortable with the services and methods of each clinic.

Tips and comments

Compare services and prices before choosing the surgery clinic that is right for you.

Ask each surgery clinic of they accept payments for surgeries.