What You Need To Know About Surgery Cataract
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What You Need To Know About Surgery Cataract

Published at 02/07/2012 20:03:04


What You Need To Know About Surgery Cataract

Surgeries have major consequences and advantages depending on the particular situation. In the world of surgery there have been significant advancements, especially where optical lasers are concerned. They are used in particular for eye related surgeries and especially cataract surgeries. First of all, let us define what cataract usually is. Cataract is a cloudiness of the eyevision, which lead to vision imparity and strain on the eyes. In some situations, immediate surgical procedure is required to solve this issue as it’s associated with eye pain. In others, the surgery is delayed mostly because the sufferer might not actually realize the depth of the problem in consideration.


One factor, we need to account for is that due to age deterioration the eye lens becomes cloudy and vision tends to fuzz up or become weak, along with eye pains. The process of cataract formation is really slow and appears in middle aged or older people even, but if carried out accurately this surgery can be extremely painless. If cataract formation is not surgically stopped it can worsen with time and lead to further weakened vision. Redness of eyes, double vision, night blindness, glare sensitivity and watery eyes are all symptoms of cataract vision problem. In all these cases surgery cataract needs to be undertaken. The imp0rovements in technology have vastly improved the eye prospects for the old generation, reducing their problems and need to wear glasses. Even though this surgery can’t always guarantee 20/200 vision, it can lead to considerable note able improvements.


An ophthalmologist who carries out surgery cataract will sedate the patient and remove the cataract precisely to improve vision. As previously mentioned, lasers are used to current the eye vision. Various methods that incorporate the use of lasers include LASIK, which aims to reshape the cornea to correct the patient’s eye sight. In the YAG laser method a little opening is created, where light passes through the cornea to reduce or eliminate blurred vision. Mostly, surgery cataract takes place in developed and technologically advanced countries like the USA. Another method of surgery cataract is manually removing the infected area as well. It must be noted that a larger amount of risks are prevalent in this method of removal as compared to laser. Significant infections and chances of blindness are associated with only this form of removal and improvement.

Tips and comments

The foremost factor kept in mind is the detection of cataracts. One must maintain regular check-ups to ensure that this situation can be prevented or detected at an early stage. A very popular misconception is where cataracts can simply be mistaken for weak eyesight. Therefore, once getting checked up reliable opticians should be visited, to ensure reduced errors. Secondly, a certified doctor should be appointed to reduce chances of error as eye sight is very important feature that nobody wants to ever lose. Moreover, the laser surgery cataract method has larger chances of accuracy and fewer chances of infection and damage therefore that should be considered. And the manual method should be overlooked to prevent danger of eye vision loss or further deterioration.