What Is Surgery Eyelid?
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What Is Surgery Eyelid?

Published at 02/05/2012 22:16:40


What Is Surgery Eyelid?

Nowadays cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular, where the most common form is surgery eyelid. As with every kind of cosmetic surgery it is of dire importance to be well aware of the consequences associated with it. The trend of cosmetic surgery has become “in fashion”, especially due to the petite and pretty image the media has fed into the minds of everyone; also through the medium of various shows such as Nip and Tuck, which promote cosmetic surgery in linkage with sexuality and attractiveness.


Surgery eyelid can involve the entire restructuring of the eyelid, or just include a few minor changes such as eye lifting and reducing bags under the eyes. As previously stated, major cosmetic surgery takes place on the basis of the media image. Therefore, many people, females in particular come up to cosmetic surgeons and request their eyelids to be restructured in a manner similar to celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz and Selena Gomez. Although such surgeries ca n have outstanding results, one must be wary 0of the risk that this will not lead to perfection. In fact, overdoing surgery eyelid can lead to a mishap, like Michael Jackson’s disaster of a nose probably. Eyelid surgery can also be undertaken to get rid of permanent injury marks near the eye area, which might be an unattractive feature for some. As with any form of cosmetic surgery we must realize, that this is an expensive procedure. Only those that are financially well off, or belong to the high class can afford surgery eyelid procedures.


Those who undertake eye surgery can expect the condition of their eyelids to steadily improve. Some people prefer getting both eyelids surgically removed, but some prefer just one. Types of surgery eyelid can consist of getting rid of droopy eyes, under eye circles, crinkles and puffiness. In all these cases surgically the area around the eyes is tightened. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, local and general anesthesia is given while the doctor operates on the patient. Essentially, the area around the eyes appears to be tighter and the person seems younger. On average, such a surgery can take from two to four hours to complete and in severe cases even longer where fat deposits around the eyes need to be completely removed.

Tips and comments

Pre-surgery the cosmetic surgeon needs to be chosen with the utmost care as the eyes are a very sensitive area. If something goes majorly wrong in an operation that can often result in blindness. Therefore, only certified professionals should be appointed. Post-surgery, patients must keep in mind that the first two weeks are completely dedicated to the healing process. And almost a week after the surgery is when the patient can be allowed to remove the bandages. Special care must be taken to rest the eyes and apply the ointments that the surgeon has prescribed. Until, the eyes are completely healed they might appear to be bruised. In this case, people can apply concealors to ensure that they can roam around socially with ease. The risks of infection are also high, therefore all the rules must be adhered to and a board certified doctor must be appointed. Luckily, if the surgery is a success the appearance of the eyes can improve significantly and can make a person feel beautiful or important.