Is Cancer Surgery Always Necessary?
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Is Cancer Surgery Always Necessary?

Published at 02/12/2012 23:37:37


Is Cancer Surgery Always Necessary?

Cancer is one of the most hated words in the world. It will attack anyone and is not picky about who gets it. It can destroy a family financially and spiritually. Most people think that their life is automatically over, but this is not always the case. People might also think that they have to have cancer surgery and this may be true, but only to find out how bad the cancer is. Great strides have been taken in recent years and cancer treatment has come a long way. The biggest defense that you have is, getting the cancer caught early enough. This is why going to the doctor for yearly check-ups is so important. Early detection can save your life.


Is Cancer Surgery Always Necessary?

Sometimes you can avoid cancer surgery if caught early enough and you can instead do chemotherapy. Doctors may also try chemotherapy first to shrink any cancer cells that you may have and then they may opt to do surgery. It use to be that doctors would first do cancer surgery and then try the chemo and radiation therapy after. Sometimes, neither of these is needed if the doctor does decide to do cancer surgery. It all depends on if the doctor can get all of the cancer cells that surround where the cancer was in the body. If all of the cells were thought to be removed, the doctor may just keep a close eye on the surrounding areas to make sure they stay cancer free.


Is Cancer Surgery Always Necessary?

Sometimes the cancer is advanced and cancer surgery can not be of any use to the one suffering with it. If your cancer is in the last stages, the doctor may suggest that you get in touch with a hospice. There are some cancers that are in the last stages that will and can respond to chemotherapy. When you have cancer, you want a doctor who is also going to listen to what you want. Some doctors are very gung ho on doing cancer surgery that may not always be necessary. If caught early enough, you want to make sure that you have options open to you and not automatically surgery. There have been many advances in the way that cancer is looked at by doctors today. Having chemotherapy and radiation is not always the best option. Sometimes your only recourse is having cancer surgery. That is not to say that all cancer needs to be treated with surgery only. The main factor of doctors wanting to do cancer surgery have to do with the overall health of the patient, the age and the stage of the cancer.

Tips and comments

No one likes to hear that they have cancer and might need cancer surgery. But, there are things that you can do to help once you find out that you do have cancer. If you have gone to the doctor for regular check ups, your cancer may have been caught in the early stages. If this is the case then a lot can be done about it. Listen to what your doctor has to say and discuss with him what your options may be. Do not be quiet on this front, your input is very important and it is your life that is at stake.


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